Explanation : Time to bring mobile phones abroad 3 A year removed; mail or cargo coming through fast, The total cost per shipment 22 Customs duty exemption on goods exceeding EUR removed; The cost per shipment 150 Personal use not exceeding Euro-off book or other printed publication has been recognized exemption; assets of 1.500 not to exceed Euro, Mail and cargo transport for the fast-off from personal use books or other printed publications %8 It was received as tax maker was reset; Authority of the Ministry of increasing the amount or value of the goods subject to export limits for regime was removed from five times to ten times.


Number of Decisions: 1111

Attached "Decree on the decision of the Customs Law No. 4458 Amending Certain Provisions on the Implementation of" i's to be put into effect, 4458 Of Customs Law No. 16, 74, 131, 132, 141, 167, 169, 195, 202, 214, 215, 221, 225 and 237 It is decided in accordance with Article.

14 May 2019


MATTER 1- 29/9/2009 dated 2009/15481 No. enacted by the Council of Ministers 4458 No. The decision of the Customs Law on the Implementation of Certain Provisions 45 first paragraph of the article is changed as follows:.

“(1) Turkey Customs Area through the mail from a person or fast cargo transportation, The total cost per shipment 150 Not exceeding EUR-off relief can be granted to a book or other printed publication personal use. "

MATTER 2- The same Decision 62 sixth paragraph of the agent is amended as follows:.

“(1) Valuation 1500 not to exceed Euro, rapid cargo transport through the mail or from the value of goods for personal use with a book or other printed publication-off 45 Article for the passenger and goods coming together 59 Exceeding the limit specified in the article over by Article value;

a) In case come directly from European Union countries %18,

b) if it arrives from other countries %20,

c) To book or other printed publication %0,

ç) 6/6/2002 dated 4760 No. attached to the Special Consumption Tax Law (IV) ratio added to the above case of Goods contained in the list no %20,

tax rate will be charged a one and make it. "

MATTER 3- The same Decision 126 Article Located in the first paragraph of the "five-fold" to "ten times" In the present.

MATTER 4- In the same decision in Annex-9 "B-Other Items" section of the "b-Electronic / Digital goods" part of the 8 th order is changed as follows:.

“8- Tv, music player, GSM mobile phone including having the ability to play video (Except for members of foreign missions, In the three calendar years, it provided the passenger's identification number registered to be used with line 1 piece)”

MATTER 5- From the date of publication of this Decision 15 enters into force on the day after.

MATTER 6- This Decision shall be enforced by Trade Minister.

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