Explanation : 2009/15481 No. enacted by the Council of Ministers 4458 No. Certain Articles of the Customs Law on the Implementation of the amendments to Decision; Mail or cargo carried by fast, value 22 goods up to euros, It will be delivered through a single tax collection and make it, Said article genus, sort of, quality, The amount and authorize the Commerce Department in making arrangements for the securities is exempt from customs duties and inspection in accordance with the customs legislation, Allows the postal administration have been declared by the company with fast shipping goods to the operator within the scope of analysis or testing authority.

Number of Decisions: 1361

Attached "Decree on the decision of the Customs Law No. 4458 Amending Certain Provisions on the Implementation of" i's to be put into effect, 4458 Of Customs Law No. 167 Third and 225 It is decided in accordance with Article.

24 July 2019


MATTER 1- 29/9/2009 dated 2009/15481 No. enacted by the Council of Ministers 4458 Decision on the Implementation of Certain Articles of the Customs Law No. 45 Article added to the third paragraph following paragraphs; The third paragraph of the present article is rearranged by changing the fourth paragraph in the following manner.

“(3) from Turkey through a legal person or mail fast cargo transportation in the Customs Territory, The total cost per shipment 22 exceed Euro and commercial quantity and nature of the value of goods which does not have, 62 As stated in the framework of the principles stated in the article and make it a single tax will be charged.

(4) The goods covered by the first and third idea breed, sort of, quality, amounts related to securities and the Ministry is authorized to make arrangements. "

MATTER 2- The same Decision 126 Article of the first section (ç) It has been amended as follows:.

“ç) the Law 167 th of the eighth paragraph of the article (d) Sample goods with me scope and models (e) The scope of examination from me, The analysis or testing appliances,”

MATTER 3- This Decision shall enter into force on the date of publication.

MATTER 4- This Decision shall be enforced by Trade Minister.

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