Explanation : Certain products originating in the United States (coal, paper, walnut-almond, tobacco, rice, alcoholic beverages, car, cosmetic, machinery and equipment and petro-chemical Disc.Opr) changes in imports is made at the rate charged to Additional Financial Liability.

Number of Decisions: 21

Attached "United States of Certain Products Originating resolution Amendment Decision on the Implementation of Import Additional Financial Liabilities" in the force to be; 20/2/1930 dated 1567 Law No. 1 inch, 14/5/1964 dated 474 Law No. 2 th, 6/5/1986 dated 3283 Law No. 2 th, 27/10/1999 dated 4458 Law No. 16 th, 22 Third and 55 Article of, 2/2/1984 dated 2976 and Law No. 26/1/1995 dated 4067 It has been decided in accordance with the provisions of Law No..

14 August 2018


MATTER 1- 11/6/2018 dated 2018/11973 Council of Ministers dated put into effect the decision of the United States imports of Certain Products Originating in the annex to the Decision on the Implementation of Additional Financial Liability is amended as shown in the accompanying table.

TEMPORARY TOPIC 1 – Before the date of publication of this Article organized a transport document to be shipped to Turkey, which has been loading goods from the date of publication of this Decision at the latest 45 Within the framework of the day of registration of customs legislation or case of customs declarations for the import summary declaration, This change from the previous decision applied additional financial obligations ratio.

MATTER 2- This Decision shall enter into force on the date of publication.

MATTER 3- This Decision shall be enforced by Trade Minister.

Publication of the Official Gazette of the Council of Ministers
Historical Number
25/6/2018 30459 (repeated)


Description of Goods A gardener
08.02 Other nuts (fresh or dried) (whether or not peeled groats) 20
10.06 Rice 50
2106.90 Others 20
22.08 Alcohol is tağy degree by volume of less than 80%(denatured) unsubstituted ethyl alcohol; Alcoholic beverages obtained by distillation, liquor and other alcoholic beverages 140
24.01 Leaf tobacco and tobacco refuse 60
27.01 Coal; The briquettes obtained from coal, pellets and similar solid fuels 13,7
2704.00 Coal, lignite and peat derived from coke and Semikok (whether or not agglomerated); retort carbon 10
2713.11 The uncalcined 4
33.04 Beauty or make-up preparations and preparations for skin care (except for drugs) (including sunscreen or sun preparations); manicure and pedicure preparations 60
3904.10 Poli(vinyl chloride) (unmixed with any substance other) (PVC) 50
3908.10 Poliamid -6, -11, -12, -6,6, -6,9, -6,10 or -6,12 10
39.26 and other goods from plastic 39.01 ila 39.14 Other substances mentioned in the article position 60
44.01 Fuel wood for (billet, wood, shrub cuttings bundles or in similar way); wood into thin slices or wafers; sawdust and wood, waste and scrap (billet, briquettes, in pellet or the like, whether or not agglomerated) 10
48.02 Plastered uncoated paper and cardboard (Writing, printing and other graphic works of the kind used in) and non-perforated and perforated strips of paper of any size perforated card (rolls or rectangular (kare because) sheet) (48.01 and 48.03 Except in the position paper); hand-made paper and paperboard 20
48.04 primary fiber (kraft) paper and cardboard (coated unsubstituted, plastered rated, rolls or sheets) (48.02 and 48.03 than those of heading) 20
48.11 Paper, carton, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibers, layers (coated, impregnated, coated, painted surfaces, surface decorated or printed) (any size of rolls or rectangular (kare because) sheet) (48.03, 48.09, 48.10 than those of heading) 50
5502.10 Those from acetate cellulose 60
7308.90 Others 60
8413.70 Other centrifugal pumps 20
8479.89 Others 20
87.03 Passenger cars and other motor vehicles manufactured primarily for transporting people (87.02 Except for entering the position) (including station wagons and racing cars) 120
9022.19 Those used for other purposes 10