Explanation : The purpose of this Decision, Some goods originating in the territory of our country as a result of imports over the European Union countries is to ensure the elimination of the tariff differences occur against.

Number of Decisions; 2017/10926

The attached "Additional Financial Liability Decision on Some Products of the collectibility of imports" in the enforcement; Ministry of Economy 6/9/2017 dated 92476 No. writings on, 20/2/1930 dated 1567 Law No. 1 inch, 14/5/1964 dated 474 Law No. 2 th, 6/5/1986 dated 3283 Law No. 2 th, 27/10/1999 dated 4458 Law No. 16 th, 22 Third and 55 Article with 2/2/1984 dated 2976 According to the provisions of Law No., Council of Ministers 11/9/2017 It has agreed on.


Purpose and scope

MATTER 1- (1) The purpose of this Decision, Some goods originating in the territory of our country as a result of imports over the European Union countries is to ensure the elimination of the tariff differences occur against.

(2) this Decision, as indicated in the attached table originating in the countries or customs tariff chapters and counter-position (G.T.P.) Cover article.

Additional financial obligations

MATTER 2- (1) A.TR movement certificate of origin, which is indicated chapters located across the country and in the attached table g.t.p.'l goods shall be imported as accompanied by compensatory tax, It will be charged an additional financial obligations.

(2) Additional financial obligations to be collected under this decision, 20/12/1995 dated 95/7606 Decision of the Council of Ministers dated enforced Import Regime Decision No. II list considering additional customs duty rates contained;

(a) Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam "Other Countries (Du)"With tariffs" developing countries "until the difference between the customs duty,

(b) Bangladesh and Cambodia "Du" with customs duties "Least Developed Countries" to the difference between the customs duty,

(c) Pakistan "Du" with the tariffs "will benefit from the Special Incentive Arrangement Countries" the difference between the customs duty,
Is charged.

Application procedures and principles

MATTER 3- (1) 27/10/1999 dated 4458 Customs Law No., Import Regime Decision and other relevant legislation, The imposition of customs duties, accrued to, charged to, given back to, and follow the procedures and provisions pertaining shape for connecting collateral, The imposition of additional financial obligations to be implemented under this Decision, accrual, collection, the return, also applies in the follow-up and connect to secured transactions.

(2) Importer is responsible for the declaration covered by this Decision.

(3) proofs of origin from importers with additional information and documents may be requested under control later.


MATTER 4- (1) Following the date of publication of this Decision 30 UNC day enters into force.


MATTER 5- (1) This Decision shall be enforced by the Minister of Economy.


Fasıl-G.T.P. Description Article Additional Financial Liability Applicable Countries
39.22 bath tubs of plastic, showers, washers, sinks, bideler, toilet seats, cover and seats, water tanks and similar sanitary ware Indonesia, India, Vietnam
39.23 the packaging materials for the transport of goods to or from plastic; Plastic stoppers, caps, Capsules and other closure materials
39.24 tableware made of plastic, kitchen staff, health or other household articles and toilet articles
39.25 Tariff not elsewhere specified or included construction materials from plastic
39.26 and other goods from plastic 39.01 ila 39.14 Other substances mentioned in the article position
42. chapters Leather goods; apparel and leather saddles and harnesses; travel goods, handbags and similar containers; goods made from animal intestines (excluding silkworm gut) Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Pakistan
43. chapters Fur and faux fur are, manufactures thereof
50. chapters Silk Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh
51. chapters Wool, fine or coarse animal hair, horsehair yarn and woven fabric (51.05 excluding)
52. chapters Cotton
53. chapters Other vegetable textile fibers, paper yarn and woven fabrics of paper yarn (53.01 and 53.02 excluding)
54. chapters Synthetic and artificial filaments, strips and other synthetic and synthetic textile materials
55. chapters Synthetic or artificial staple fibers
56. chapters Vatka, felts and nonwovens, special yarns, SICIM, cord, ip, ropes and articles thereof
57. chapters Carpets and other textile floor coverings agent
58. chapters Special woven fabrics, Conveniently the tufted textile fabric, lace, tapestries, haberdasheries of goods and Kaytancı, processing
59. chapters impregnated, coated, coated or laminated textile fabrics of textile materials, textile material for technical objects
60. chapters Knitted or crocheted goods
61. chapters Knitted or crocheted clothing and accessories
62. chapters no, not knitted or crocheted clothing and accessories Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia
63. chapters Other made from woven textile materials, teams, worn clothing and woven textile materials used in the article, tatters
64. chapters shoes, getrler, leggings and similar articles and their evening India, Vietnam
65. chapters Titles and evening Indonesia, Vietnam
66. chapters Umbrellas, sun umbrellas, canes, seat sticks, whips, whips and their evening
67. chapters Prepared thin and thick feathers and articles thereof, artificial flowers and articles of human hair
68. chapters Rock, plaster, cement, asbestos, mica or similar materials India, Vietnam
69. chapters Ceramic products
70. chapters Glass and glassware
84, chapters Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, mechanical devices and tools, and parts thereof Indonesia, India, Vietnam
85. chapters Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof and parts, audio recording and to give back the recorded sound-off devices, television image and sound to be recorded and recorded video and audio to be given again-off devices and their components, parts and accessories. India, Vietnam
87. chapters Vehicles other (except railway or tramway vehicles) and their components, parts and accessories Indonesia
88. chapters Aircraft, space vehicles and their components and parts
89. chapters Ships and floating structures and vehicles
90. chapters Optical instruments and apparatus, photo, cinema, measure, control, setting instruments and apparatus, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus, parts and accessories thereof India
91. chapters Clocks and watches and parts thereof
92. chapters Musical instruments, thereof, parts and accessories
94. chapters furnishings, bedding, mattresses, mattress supports, cushions and similar stuffed furnishings; not elsewhere specified or included tariff lamps and lighting devices; neon signs, illuminated nameplates and the like;; prefabricated buildings Indonesia, India, Vietnam
95. chapters Toys, games and sports equipment, thereof, parts and accessories
96. chapters Miscellaneous manufactured articles