Stress HK Wheel Imports.

In this regard, “stress wheel” known as, Located models in various designs and shapes, steel, including primarily plastic, rice, zinc, titanium, Virgin, board, iron, Usually made from materials such as ceramics and having a three-arm structure; only in the middle part of both arms or both may be provided with bearings in the central part of the article which can be produced completely or own bearings, because it is fun for children and for adults 9503. or 9503. be considered as toys within the framework of the Toy Safety Directive mentioned Considering that it is stated that goods classified in GTİP gerekmek.

font of Product Safety and Inspection Directorate HK.

Ministry of Economy of the Directorate General Product Safety and Inspection 11.07.2017 75901sayıl writing and dated by Product Safety and Inspection of products subject to import controls carried out in accordance with the Communiqué will be tested if necessary, Determining the products that will be directed to testing according to a risk analysis by TAREKS, Importers and disclosure of matters that the auditor has reported via TAREKS.

Copper and aluminum waste and scrap HK.

6/6/2006 dated 26190 published in the Official Gazette Issue No. Communiqué on register connected Mal (Communiqué No.: Export 2006/7) Issued in the annex of the list of goods connected recording 17 Third and 25 pearl has been changed in order is excluded from the scope copper waste and scrap export registration linked products.

Anti-Dumping Measures on Effective Time to Bite Products HK.

2017/19 Communiqué on the Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports No. within the scope of the list of products included in the relevant domestic producers or manufacturers or that he acted on behalf of the domestic industry proving Natural or legal persons or organizations, It will end if current practices related to the dumping of the product and the end of the measure will lead to a final review by claiming not to continue or re-occur loss goals does not require the opening of an investigation. You can link to us Communique details.

HK Anti-Dumping Measures on Imports of Polyester Flat Yarn.

2017/17 sayılı İthalatta Haksız Rekabetin Önlenmesine İlişkin Tebliğ kapsamında Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti, Hindistan ve Malezya menşeli 5402.47 gümrük tarife pozisyonlu polyester düz ipliklerin ithalatında 2014/31 sayılı İthalatta Haksız Rekabetin Önlenmesine İlişkin Tebliğ kapsamında uygulanmakta olan dampinge karşı kesin önlemin Hindistan ve Malezya için aynı tutarlarda, ÇHC için değiştirilerek uygulanmaya devam edilmesine karar verilmiştir. Söz konusu ülkelerden yapılan ithalatlarda uygulanan dampinge karşı önlem tutarı kilo başına olmak üzere 0,15 ila 0,30 USD arasında değişmektedir.