Customs brokers; responsible for operations such as the names of their partners before the law for their actions. As a result of this, criminal and customs brokerage company in the reliability of the information provided by partners in order to avoid similar obligations must be very careful. Even very small errors, and representatives of the company may become complicated customs problems will bring heavy penalties.

a robust corporate structure to avoid errors, and without a strong IT infrastructure to support it, It is not possible a complete success. United Customs Brokerage, It is to make all the necessary investments to be away from the risk of error and environment services.

The accuracy of a company as a whole, it can be achieved by compliance with ethical principles and rules of all functions of the company. In a highly competitive environment, social Security, tax, occupational safety and işci is not a surprise to come across companies that do not meet health or competition law. But the United Customs Brokerage, competitive advantage in all of these areas are always compatible with the rules and also finds being a financially stable company. our company, The internal audit system as well as independent audit firms and business is also subject to inspections carried out by partners.

Today, all our efforts will be crowned ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Corruption Management System are experiencing the joy of starting to document our work.

This standard adopts and your confidence in our company which will be documented, and we thank you for cooperation.

Hakan Kökçü

Chairman of the Board

ISO 37001.2016-XXX