Explanation : 2011/17 No. Coordination Council of World Trade Organization negotiations are held with the Prime Minister's circular of name, It was reconstituted as changing the Coordination Council of the World Trade Organization.

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topic: world Trade organisation
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The World Trade Organization is among the founding members of our country (DTO), Setting out the basic rules and disciplines for international trade; also free, Predictable and fair trade with moving targets and is an international organization that conducted the negotiations that establish new rules and discipline in matters affecting international trade. After the Second World War the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade – GATT) Fundamentals of the signing disposable WTO, constitute the heart of the multilateral trading system.

resulting in the GATT process beginning with tariff reductions on goods trade and the establishment of the WTO, Both the number of countries party to the multilateral trading system, both are looking to follow a moving sector opened the increasing number of international free trade. As well as the goods and services trade with trading began expanding into the global trade agenda; international policy, It is undergoing constant change with developments in technology and production conditions. Said changes, It is updating the scope and agenda of trade negotiations.

changing and expanding the scope of the negotiating agenda, coordination between institutions makes it necessary for the monitoring and implementation of coherent policies of their countries with them our rights and obligations under the WTO Agreement.

In this context, 2011/17 held with the Prime Ministry Circular No. "WTO Negotiations Coordination Committee" of the name "World Trade Organization Coordination Council" as changing the Commerce Minister or Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commerce under the chairmanship of the relevant; Head of Strategy and Budget, Justice, Family, Labor and Social Services, Environment and Urban Planning, Foreign affairs, Energy and Natural Resources, Treasury and Finance, Culture and Tourism, National Education, Health, Industry and Technology, Competition Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Public procurement institution, Turkish Patent and Trademark Agency has been re-created with the participation of senior representatives authorized to decide on behalf of.

The working principles and procedures to be determined by the Board of Directors, The secretarial services shall be conducted by the Ministry of International Agreements and the European Union Directorate General for Trade. Board meetings, other ministries if necessary, public institutions and organizations, civil society organizations and universities, professional associations and private sector representatives may be invited.

Receipt of detailed technical information will be needed in order to assess their work and Assembly, subcommittees on the issues open to negotiation, technical committees and working groups can be formed. this board, When necessary, the committees and groups; other ministries, public institutions and organizations, civil society organizations and universities, professional associations and private sector representatives may also take place.

Subject matters regarding entering the duties and powers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, This will be carried out by the Ministry and the Trade Ministry will be informed of the results.

Assembly work to be carried out in a unity and support of all public institutions and organizations need to ensure coordination and assistance will be provided.

2011/17 Circular No. is repealed.

Information and the need to please.

26 April 2019

Recep Tayyip Erdogan