The Ministry of Economy:


MATTER 1 – (1) this Communiqué, 4814., 4814. and 4814. Located in the import of goods in the customs tariff statistics position 27/2/2017 dated 2017/9977 Ministers dated Paper Wall enacted by the Council and similar wallcoverings Import Tariff Quotas on the application of the tariff quota opened in the framework Decision on the Implementation, use rules and procedures applicable to the distribution comprises.

(2) Tariff quotas, The following table shows the position and description of goods specified tariff statistics 5 US $ / kg and higher net CIF unit for equipment to Imported 15/6/2015 dated 2015/7751 No. Wallpaper and similar wallcoverings to provide exemption from the additional financial obligations under the Decision on the Implementation of Conservation Measures on Imports, It opened in the amounts indicated against.

Customs Tariff Statistics Position Description of Goods Quantity (Your)
1. Period (6/8/2016- 5/8/2017) 2. Period (6/8/2017- 5/8/2018)
4814.20.00. 00.00 Wallpaper and similar wall coverings (rough embossed front face, painted, pattern printed or otherwise decorated plastic coated or covered with a layer of paper which occurred first) 2.700 2.970
4814. Wallpaper and similar wall coverings, pörtükl were followed, embossed, painted surface, motif printed or surface which is made from paper coated or covered with transparent plastic protective otherwise decorated
4814. Wallpaper and similar wall coverings (The front side of the knitted textile materials (These substances, whether combined or straight parallel wires interwoven into) those formed from paper coated)

Application procedures and principles

MATTER 2 – (1) The tariff quota in Annex-1 in order to be considered applicants Import License Application Form duly filled out a form in a complete manner in Annex 2 to the Ministry of Economy together with the required documents (Ministry) should be sent. An applicant may be required, but at a Import License.

(2) This is the accuracy of the declaration made under the Communiqué and to review related to the imported goods or the Ministry is authorized to make. concerned in cases where discrepancies in the information and documents submitted in the application does not meet demand until the discrepancy is resolved by the applicant. Ministry, if deemed necessary, May request additional information and documents.

The distribution of tariff quotas

MATTER 3 – (1) Tariff quotas, 14/4/2010 dated 2010/339 Council of Ministers dated on imports was imposed by Decision of the Resolution on the Quota and Tariff Allotment Administration 4 Article in accordance, Distributed by the method according to the first-come-first order of application. Ministry document entry date and number of general principles delays in the mail is not taken into account in determining the order of admission.

(2) This Communiqué 1 80% of the tariff will be given in each period specified in Article quotas 2014 and / or 2015 year in tariff quota is opened to applicants who had made the import of goods, The remainder 2014 and / or 2015 year are not distributed to the aforementioned goods imports.

(3) The amount that can be given in a tariff quota Import License 10 just (net) not exceed. An import license is issued only in one country or customs.

(4) on behalf of an applicant in order to issue a new import license, at least out of the most recent historical documents allocated import license in question behalf of the applicant 30 If days have passed and you have the goods covered by the import license issued under this Communiqué must be completed before the entire import process.

Information on how to use the Import License and Import License

MATTER 4 – (1) Tariff quotas on imports made under the import license issued by the Ministry of the customs office about the registration of the customs declaration.

(2) Within the framework of the principles and procedures specified in this Communiqué application made on behalf of the tariff quota allocation for import license is issued by the Ministry of electronics. In this case, the electronic environment of Customs and Trade Ministry (Single Window System) will give 23 digit number in the document forwarded to the email address of the applicant in the form specified by the electronic document filing date and also written notice to the applicant in question is not done. the right of the applicant in the application form and a valid e-mail address of the Ministry held responsible for any problems that may arise is not notified.

(3) It will be given by the Single Window System for Import Licenses held on electronic media 23 Declaration by the date required documents with document-digit number 44 In the box numbered "Certificate Reference Number" and "Document Date" is declared in the area.

(4) Import Licenses can also be arranged physically if necessary.

(5) Goods subject to tariff quotas may only be released for free circulation in the period of validity of the import license. Import License issued in the case of physical, The validity period is necessary to return to the ministry after the expiry.

(6) Import License is not transferable.

(7) Identified and accepted by customs or some value, or amount of securities registered in the Import License, 5% of total (%5 including) Exceed a lesser rate will not prevent imports. However, import licenses shall be deducted from the next amount of the related importer performed more.


MATTER 5 – (1) This Circular shall enter into force on the date of publication.


MATTER 6 – (1) Provisions of this Communiqué are executed by the Minister of Economy.




History: …./…/….
(General Directorate of Imports)
2180 Cad. No: 63 06520 ANKARA Söğütözü

Petition and Warrant

We want to perform in relation to the goods specified below Import Import Quota and Tariff Allotment Concerning the Administration 2017/1 In the framework of the Communiqué issued on behalf of our company we request that import license. Business information contained in this application is correct that, Imports our company can be verified on-site by the authorities of the Directorate General, We are committed to accept and transfer the Import License.

Information and hereby required.

Name / Title:
Tel: Fax: E-mail:
Tax Administration: Tax number:
Registered Trade / Chamber of Industry and registration number of:
Consult the release of the original or notarized copy of the document entry number and date of signature circular:
Name / Title:
Tel: Fax: E-mail:
Payment department number: T.C. identification number:
Registered Trade / Chamber of Industry and registration number of:
The application is given the power of attorney or notarized copy of the original document entry number and date:
gTip (12 Male):
Country of origin: Country of dispatch:
amount Kg (Net): Kg (Gross):
value Total Value (CIF):
FOB: Freight:
Insurance: Other foreign expenses:
intended for import History:
Name / Title: Country:
address: Web site:
Tel: Fax: E-mail:



1- The original copy of the Declaration of the owner or authorized signatures notarized copy of the proxy statement importer owner if different from the original or notarized copies. (In addition, one copy of these documents) Originals of documents shall be referred to in the original application. After finalizing the relevant applicant will be returned. A copy of the aforementioned documents only as long as the change signers are given in subsequent applications. The first application which documents the history and document entry number is specified in the Application Form.

2- of the goods to be imported or commercial invoice duplicate copy of the pro forma invoice. having different unit prices in proforma invoice or commercial products are shown as separate items. product describing clear definition of each invoice items, unit FOB price, volume and weight on the basis of statistical units (gross and net kilograms) shown separately. insurance and freight charges on invoices issued pursuant to delivery CIF also indicated.

3- The physical arranged for subsequent applications, The original of the previously received Import License.