Amount in Excess of HK Bulk Import Products.

Directorate General of Food & control 08.06.2017 date and 1429473 No. writings with various countries of the pulp is imported in bulk in bulk, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, soya, wood chips vb. products, Due to differences in the amount loaded in the input stage of our country and abroad; product of expression where that gets several references to our General Directorate concerning the requested additional documents by our Directorate related to the amount of more edilmiştir.ithal subject items in bulk loading and sending unloading and receiver could be different weighing results in the country, It can be either ship with more than the amount of bulk product from the point of arrival due to moisture issues when considering, only to be valid for products from bulk; To be compatible with the Customs legislation, The amount of product declared on the Phytosanitary Certificate %3 Additional documents or refund for excess and deficiency does not exceed reputation, application envisioned without destruction suitability should be imported so that the net amount specified in the cast product Plant Health Certificate %3 The product may exceed the rate of return or disposal of the orbit is stated that need.

The nature of the Turkish flag on the last boat in HK.

Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration Department of Revenue Management 14.06.2017 dated 74098 No. letter with Turkey owned by removing tax obstacles to the Turkish flag in front of the passage of foreign vessels in order to encourage the withdrawal of the Turkish flag 89.03 Located in the tariff classification of the goods "yachts, KOTRA and ship navigation” The use of the term and this term because it is unexplainable that the watercraft, which include the application of some of the problems that took place bet, inflatable boats contained material relevant legislation should be fixed in the hull and sides of the Ministry of Finance “boat” opening a drawback in that it is considered whether there were introduced.

According to this, Give your interest in the registered text and considering the provisions of the legislation, Regardless of whether externally or internally engine outboard edges and hard-hull inflatable watercraft of the material should be mentioned within the scope of Decree “boat” Your opinion that should be considered is the Ministry also been found suitable, Said SCT for the boat in this context %0, The rate of KDV %1 it should be applied as specified in the text is available on our link details.

Safeguards on imports of Polyethylene Terephthalate continue HK.

2017/6 Import Protection Measures Related to the scope of the Communiqué No. 3907. Classified under tariff positions Statistics 78 mL / g. or more viscosity ones (polyethylene terephthalate) Interviews with the request for the extension of the duration of the safeguard measures on imports is being opened. CIF value of imports of the product concerned over the scope of current legislation %6,55 Additional Financial Liability application rate is the subject mentioned.

ÖZEL BÜLTEN-22/06/2017-X

Export e-billing application

As known 454 Sequence No. Tax Procedures Code General Communiqué of the registered taxpayers who e-billing applications with the arrangements made in the third section, Of the Value Added Tax Law 11 exports of goods and passengers to be made within the scope of Article together exported goods (Tax-Free) For transactions 1/7/2017 E-billing arrangement has been made mandatory since.

The obligation will start 1/7/2017 Since subsequent export of goods and passengers together in terms of export transactions, To edit the e-Invoice, To carry out customs clearance operations seamlessly and in terms of legislative provisions have also prepared a guide for you to report any encounter with the criminal process.

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