Explanation : by ship goods according transit procedure to be applied in relation to the simplified process, the transport methods and principles hk.

Commerce Ministry:


Goal, Scope, Basis and Definitions

Purpose and scope

MATTER 1 – (1) The purpose of this Communiqué, by sea transit goods according to the simplified regime to be applied with respect to embodiments wherein the transport rules and procedures.


MATTER 2 – (1) this Communiqué, 27/10/1999 dated 4458 Of Customs Law No. 84 to 92 Article and 7/10/2009 dated 27369 repeated numbered Customs Regulation published in the Official Gazette 236 nc are based on agent.


MATTER 3 – (1) This communiqué last;

a) Ministry: Trade Ministry,

b) The customs authorities of Movement: Furniture is subjected to the transit regime and simplify the scope of the permit is considered as a transit declaration that the information presented to the customs authorities,

c) Permission: The permit granted for the transport of goods in a simplified manner by the sea,

ç) A permit holder: people allowed for the transport of goods in a simplified manner by the sea,

d) Law: 27/10/1999 dated 4458 the Customs Law No.,

e) The customs authorities of Arrival: The goods placed under the transit regime, The customs authorities should be presented to the termination of the regime,

f) Regulations: 7/10/2009 dated 27369 repeated numbered in the Official Gazette published by the Customs Regulations,



General considerations

Application requirements and required documents

MATTER 4 – (1) Regulation of the applicant to be granted simplifications for the carriage of goods by the sea 230 In addition to the terms of Article mentioned in the first paragraph, Must provide the following special conditions:

a) As of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Application (Marine and Inland Waters Directorate General Regulations) Having a Certificate of Authority issued by the Shipping Agency,

b) Manifesto and bill of lading to keep their records electronically and have the necessary electronic infrastructure in order to transmit this information to the customs administrations of the system.

(2) the implementation of the first paragraph, by the applicant, in the last one year retroactive to the first day of the month in which the application is received registration by sea between sea ports in the customs territory of Turkey 500 Having been in the case of the goods covered by the transit of the container, Regulation 230 The first paragraph of by Article (ç) Condition is evaluated as provided in subparagraph.

(3) the applicant meets the general and special conditions specified in paragraph, Regulation 232 Article in addition to documents submitted pursuant;

a) Annex 1 in accordance with preferred embodiments of the filled application form to simplify maritime,

b) The company signed by persons authorized to represent the declaration contained in Annex 2 and the text of the commitments,

c) Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (Marine and Inland Waters Directorate General Regulations) an example of Authorization issued by the Shipping Agency,

Must offer.

Application Place

MATTER 5 – (1) the place simplification apply for permission for the carriage of goods by sea and let the authority of the General Directorate of Customs.

Simplifying the granting of permission

MATTER 6 – (1) Simplification permit, Brought into the customs territory of Turkey from abroad or from abroad which will be the Customs Territory of Turkey, The containerized goods transported by sea are given to be used in the transport between sea ports within the customs territory of Turkey.

(2) Allow authority, According to the evaluation result will be made on the application benefit from the simplification of permits or rejects the application.

(3) Regulation 233 Third under Article, A portion of the documents sought in the application file that take place or if it is determined that contain incomplete information, lack of notification to the applicant will be completed within sixty days following the date of the notification of their. During this time, the application is considered not completed yet.

(4) Application has been accepted in Annex 3. Located regulating the permit will be notified in writing to the applicant.

(5) Be notified in writing with reference to the rejection of the application. grounds is also indicated in case of rejection of the application.

(6) Simplification permit, Regulation 225 Article of goods and fall under the scope of the Turkish Customs Tariff 22.08 and 24.02 used in the transport of goods located at positions.

information to be communicated to the customs authorities as a transit declaration

MATTER 7 – (1) Allow owned by, manifestos of registration of that stuff matters covered by simplifying permit processing, The customs administration of the system must be transmitted electronically.

(2) Simplification permit covered by the customs authorities, Regarding each transport;

a) tax number of the agency performing a transport ship,

b) Transport ship's IMO number and time to be executed,

c) Departure date,

ç) Departure and destination customs administrations,

d) Air Waybill numbers,

information is transmitted electronically.

(3) Under the second paragraph regarding the face of the bill of lading number;

a) For goods in free circulation without the "T" code,

b) Non-free circulation goods and for the continuation of an earlier time when the goods transported by "TD" code,

c) Exports of goods subject to the "X" code,

ç) Exports subject to an earlier time and for the continuation of goods transported goods with "XD" code,


(4) A permit holder, If requested by the customs authorities, covered by a specific date range listed in the simplification of permit information relating to transactions that have been carried out shall submit to the customs authorities.

(5) as a minimum, the following information is given for each bill of lading with the information specified in the list referred to in the second paragraph and fourth paragraph shall be submitted to the customs authorities:

a) buyers in the Bill of Lading,

b) Consignment sender,

c) Total container,

ç) the normal trade description contains all the information necessary for the identification of goods (In case the goods are grouped, Instead the article definition "consolidated" is used),

d) Gross weight,

e) Container numbers.



Movement will be held in customs administration procedures

MATTER 8 – (1) Customs Territory of Turkey brought by sea and customs office of entry in the customs territory of Turkey to another customs authorities in relation to goods to be shipped by sea in the entry summary declaration shall include the information in this direction.

(2) In the framework of the permission referred to simplify the customs authorities of the arrival of the goods movement process for the customs authorities to perform 7 In the second paragraph of Article allowed by the owner to move the ship to the information system of customs administration is transmitted by electronic data interchange system and bill of lading information agent, 7 associated with the article or summary declaration statement records for articles employing codes mentioned in the third paragraph. recording of the said information to the customs authorities together with the permit holder to be accepted by the system ID information is transmitted.

(3) Simplifying transport within the scope of the permission to perform 7 The information contained in the provisions of electronically conductive material to allow the owner of the customs administration system, is entitled regime for handling.

(4) If the permit holder by the customs authorities of the requested information transmitted making changes to the system, movement until the required replenishment process customs office system, Changes to the customs authorities using information about the registration number of the system is transmitted by electronic data interchange system.

(5) Motion customs office, Checks for goods to be shipped under the simplification of permit, 7 Article entry summary declaration data in the second and third paragraphs or return records, It is carried out by comparison with the electronic manifest information and waybill. If the result of the checks made detecting any mismatch, the registration number of processes in the system through replenishment is specified in the second paragraph. As a result of inspections carried out 7 Article and that there has been misrepresentation of the information in the second or third paragraph of this information or entry summary declaration if it is determined that the error associated with the declaration made records, The owner's permission before replenishment transactions in the system are allowed to fix said information.

(6) The customs authorities of Movement, By benefit from risk analysis, You can check or inspection declaration of goods in cases where it deems necessary for this purpose and content of bills of lading and manifests the manifesto came out with the goods and may require the submission of relevant documentation relating to transportation.

(7) The goods to be transported within the scope allowed to enter the Customs Territory of Turkey in the event of certain institutions to be subject to control by the customs authorities before dispatch to the destination entry is made necessary controls for goods, the customs authorities.

(8) Movement if deemed necessary by the customs authorities, The controls allow the scan in relation to transaction under a given date range, or polling process is carried out.

Arrival operations to be done in customs administration

MATTER 9 – (1) Simplification of transport within the scope of the permission that the ship reached the port of destination is carried out by the customs office upon detection, 8 Pearl's arrival procedures through the registration number specified in the second paragraph of Article performed.

(2) With the arrival process made pursuant to the first paragraph;

a) goods transport information related securities registered in the entry summary declaration of arrival in customs administration and operations records associated with said goods to the customs authorities on arrival records are carried out for goods not in free circulation.

b) to export goods to be shipped to the destination customs office abroad 8 In the second paragraph of Article exit statement to be recorded in the records associated with the specified export declaration is permitted by the ship's systems and processes related to Turkey after leaving the customs territory of the exit statement is completed.

(3) The customs authorities of Arrival, By benefit from risk analysis, You can check or inspection declaration of goods in cases where it deems necessary for this purpose and content of bills of lading and manifests the manifesto came out with the goods and may require the submission of relevant documentation relating to transportation.

(4) Arrival of the Regulation to declare unconstitutionality detected in the customs administration 239 to 242 nc is done in the context agents.

(5) On arrival at the customs office made as a result of control, 21/3/2007 dated 5607 No. smuggling is a violation of the Terrorism Act in the case of determining the nature of a verb, permit holder in relation to transport of goods by sea is regulated by national legislation and international obligations, taking into consideration, In accordance with the relevant provisions are made for necessary action.

(6) Arrival if deemed necessary by the customs authorities, The controls allow the scan in relation to transaction under a given date range, or polling process is carried out.


A Permit Suspension and Cancellation

Receiving permission to suspend

MATTER 10 – (1) Regulation 234 Article in accordance, In case no longer allowed to be reported by any of the conditions are met or whether Owner- allow customs authorities to identify, Correcting the deficiencies and / or ensure a situation in which notification is given thirty days starting from the date of. this time, the condition of the permit holder to provide credible information and documents that could correct the deficiencies can be extended for thirty days.

(2) A permit holder, authorities allowed within the given time does not correct the situation mentioned in paragraph, The status of the permit holder permission in order to allow you to take the necessary measures to correct suspends thirty days and will report to the permit holder. Thirty upon the request of the permit holder to take day suspension period can be extended for sixty days. This communique is not done within the given additional time necessary corrections 11 th is canceled allowed under Article.

(3) Notification in this case is acting contrary to be understood that any of the provisions referred to, Without prejudice to the provisions in criminal legislation, permit holders will be notified in writing in the first two time. Although stimulation in writing twice in a calendar year for the third time in the event of a violation of the same provision allowed, suspended for thirty days.

(4) Public safety and security, When deemed necessary as the nature or level of threat to public health or the environment will be allowed to suspend.

Permit Cancellation

MATTER 11 – (1) Regulation 234 Article in accordance, Permission is canceled in the event of the presence of one the following cases:

a) Based on the understanding that given false information or forged documents Permit.

b) it is understood that no longer exist and the conditions necessary to permit simplification 10 allowing the owner to remedy the deficiencies within the period specified in Article UNC or take the necessary measures to correct the situation.

c) Regulation 230 The first paragraph of by Article (c) In any case, about the same paragraph of the final judgment to be given because of the opposition of the persons listed in the enumerated laws about judgment given person 60 Be dismissed from the company in the days of uncut.

(2) Permission to enter into force from the date of notification of the cancellation. However,, When it comes to the justified demands of the authorities allow the permit holder, cancellation may postpone the date of entry into force. In this case, The decision will enter into force on the date specified.

(3) The permit application made within one year from the cancellation of the first paragraph is rejected.


Liabilities and Owner's Permission Control Afterwards

Obligations of permit holders

MATTER 12 – (1) A permit holder;

a) Simplifying transport will be covered by the permit in question is related to changes in sea ports, said changes, no later than the scheduled date of commencement of transport 15 to notify the Ministry for the day ahead,

b) 7 NC Located in the material to convey information by electronic data interchange system to the system of customs administration,

c) Information relating to operations which have been carried out within the scope allowed in a specific date range, If requested by the customs authorities, While in a list submitted to the customs authorities,

ç) Movement or arrival customs authorities upon request, manifesto manifesto goods and content with the outcome of the bill of lading and other documents relating to offers for transport,

d) Allow the scope of goods to be transported to Turkey before arrival customs office referred the case to be subject to the control of certain institutions of the controls required for goods entering the customs territory of the customs authorities to ensure the entry made,

e) records in, to allow the scope of delivery shall provide the necessary distinctions concerning the status of the goods subject,

f) for commercial and transport records, Made to allow customs authorities and in particular the scope of the audit to be conducted later checked healthy and effective way to make, and in a way that protects the authenticity of the records and information to keep in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and to ensure the security of electronic communications,

g) to take the necessary measures to ensure the delivery of identity,

ğ) to fulfill all obligations related to eligible Diet,

h) Customs controls need to be made of the customs administration to provide the proper environment needed,

I) All kinds of irregularities and conflicts of departure and destination to inform the customs authorities, but also collaborated with irregularities and conflicts of departure and destination customs administrations in research,

i) In case if there is a change in conditions on the authorization, allowing the state to report the latest office within thirty days,

is obliged.

Simplifying subsequent verification of transactions under the permit

MATTER 13 – (1) Allow owner-performed transactions, 27/10/2008 dated 27037 Subsequently published in the Official Gazette No. under Control of Control and subsequently held risky procedures subject to control.

(2) The conditions relating to the consent of the owner is allowed to be controlled during the check carried out later whether to continue carrying.


Miscellaneous and Final Provisions


MATTER 14 – (1) Ministry (Customs General Directorate), In order to ensure the implementation of this Notification to take all measures it deems necessary, limiting the goods to be transported by sea to the simplified method, It is authorized to conclude the special circumstances required by this Communiqué and examine issues not included in.


MATTER 15 – (1) This Circular shall enter into force on the date of publication.


MATTER 16 – (1) This Communiqué shall be enforced by the Commerce Minister.


1. Information for Applicants:
Related tax office and tax number:
place and registration number, which is registered in the trade register:
Entitlement Agent No.:
2. Address information:
The address of company headquarters:
address where the main activities carried out:
Mailing address:
address where customs related documents are kept:
addresses the accounting records are kept:
3.Contact information:
Phone number: Fax number:
Internet address: E-mail address:
4. Information Required for Simplification Other Conditions Permit:4.1 Does the bill of lading manifests and records kept electronically? Manifesto and electronic bill of lading information infrastructure required to be transmitted to the system of customs administration Is there?

( ) Yeah

( ) No

4.2 Sea transport is it being used regularly?

( ) Yeah (The number of annual transit declaration covered by the transit / transit regime is carried in the frame indicate the number of annual container.)

( ) No

5. Application Information on Representative Author:
Name and surname / Title: T.C Kimlik No.:
6. sea ​​ports and customs authorities where leave is to be connected:
Regulation 236 Article and the communique 4 üncü maddesi uyarınca gerekli belgeleri başvuru formunuza ekleyiniz.
7. Beyan:
Bu başvuru formu ve ekli belgelerde yer alan bilgilerin doğru olduğunu kabul ederim.
Kaşesi company
Beyan Edenin
Name and surname


Eşyanın denizyolu ile taşınmasına ilişkin basitleştirilmiş usul çerçevesinde, Customs Regulations 236 ncı maddesi ve Gümrük Genel Tebliği (Focus mode) (Seri No:8) kapsamında başvuruda bulunan ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………ticaret unvanlı
firmamıza verilmesini talep ettiğimiz izin kapsamında, 4458 sayılı Gümrük Kanunu ve Gümrük Yönetmeliğinin öngördüğü bütün hususlara uyacağımızı; başvurumuzda sunulan bilgi ve belgelerin doğru ve gerçek olduğunu; Gümrük Genel Tebliği’nin (Focus mode) (Seri No:8) 12 nci maddesinde belirtilen izin sahibinin yerine getirmesi gerekli tüm yükümlülükleri kabul ettiğimizi; izin kapsamında yapılacak transit işlemlerinde gümrük yükümlülüğünün doğduğunun tarafımıza bildirilmesi halinde, her türlü vergi, resim, harç ve diğer tüm mali yükümlülükler ile cezaları süresi içinde ödeyeceğimizi, The scope of permitted operations Customs General Communiqué (Focus mode) (Seri No:8) we perform in accordance with the provisions of, Unlike all the consequences if the detection of a case of administrative, declare that we will accept the results and undertake financial and legal / We.

commitments on behalf of the authorized person in the company / person
Ad / Soyd:





Customs General Directorate

Simplifying the Permit Holder in Transit Transport by sea


This document, …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ‘ne Gümrük Kanunu Madde 84/3, Gümrük Yönetmeliği Madde 236 ve Gümrük Genel Tebliği ’ne (Focus mode) (Seri No:8) uygun olarak transit rejiminde denizyolu ile basitleştirilmiş usulde taşıma yapma yetkisi tanınmıştır.

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