With Mr. Serdar Keskin, who was elected as the president of Istanbul Customs Consultants Association for the second time, he worked as a Customs Consultancy., e-invoice for export, We discussed many issues related to OKSD and the profession for you..

-Dear president, As you know recently, a new era has been entered regarding the use of e-invoices in export., As with the transition to every new era, there were some problems.. My question to you will be like this; What do you think, how these changes and transitions can occur, Is there enough opinion from the field on what negative effects these transitions will create?, Of course, here we mean from the field, Customs Brokers. How would you evaluate this issue??

E-invoice was extended for export. TIM had applied last year, Mr. Minister extended it.. There are two important points here. The first point in this question is that 'TIM has applied again, it will be extended again' and everyone waited until the last minute.. The second issue is our Ministry 1 Last day before Saturday, July 15:00-15:30Issued the circular in. As the Association, we consulted a lot with Ministry officials.. There are some points we have conveyed to them with our experience from the drill, it would be better if it was like this.. The most important thing was; get a smooth transition, We said it is optional.. After all, export is the engine and it should not stop. They also included this issue in the circular.. They are not listening, they are listening. Let's not be unfair to the Ministry of Customs and Trade, there is also the Ministry of Finance at play.. Main boss of e-invoice in export Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Customs and Trade practitioner. In fact, the invoice always comes out to the Ministry of Customs and Trade.. I say it everywhere, the Ministry of Customs and Trade applies the legislation.. Customs is the ultimate in this matter. 2017/7 An addition was made to the 8th article in the Circular No.. In case of any failure, it will be continued with the paper invoice.. This is based on the relevant ruling of the Tax Procedure Law.,legal ground has been provided. Then came a save post. Then came two more posts.. As of now, there is no problem with e-invoice.. There is a situation where only TOBB and its affiliated Chambers cannot see the system.. Since their origin is not seen on the invoice, issued by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. (contrary to e-invoice spirit) additional wet signature and stamp required. I made a speech at the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in the parliament indicating this issue. Mr. President İbrahim Çağlar did not know about it, I specifically told you to know. I think TOBB has stepped in and we will work together with both the Ministry of Customs and Trade and the Ministry of Finance..

I participated in a panel on this issue in Istanbul.. I saw that Ministry of Finance officials, They said don't add value to the invoice in free export and get zero. The Ministry of Finance should not be included in the issue of value.. Export is free of charge is a separate issue, the subject of value is a completely different subject. Value cannot be zero. The official of the Ministry of Customs and Trade gave the necessary answers to this issue.. Finance as CIF Delivery in the same meeting, It says give me pen and pencil. No such thing can be done. We have internationally sized companies and they issue uniform invoices.. It was not a very painful process, I think it won't happen after that.

-Since the election of IGMD's board of directors, Ankara pace is very high. So we congratulate. One of the busy tempo agendas is the work of the Trade Facilitation Board. What would you like to convey in this regard? ?

As you know 18 Trade Facilitation Board consisting of individuals was established. I also serve on this board representing Five Associations with the written instruction of our Ministry.. It is an honor for me to be in this board on behalf of my community., is honor. The board convened once. The co-chair of the Board is headed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, Mr. Cenap Aşçı, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, Mr. İbrahim Şenel.. Its subcommittees have been established and we will meet again in September.. Subcommittees started to work, they determine the subjects. The secretariat of this is our Ministry's Directorate General for EU Affairs.. In this way, Our Friends attend the meetings. We made a division of labor in management in this regard. Our friends Mr. Mustafa Sezen and Mr. Turgay Özeren attended two meetings together.. Later, our Secretary General, Mr. Ziya Akgün, Mr. Serdar Akar and Mr. Umut Şedele went to the meeting for three weeks in a row. The issues we brought were accepted and evaluated by our Ministry.. On our way to the first meeting, EU General Directorate, He asked for a suggestion and one from IGMD. We also,We presented the issue of transferring the letters of guarantee in paper environment to the electronic environment.. We are in the Single Window System, We suggested that a consortium be made with the Banks Association without paper, switch to the digital letter of guarantee and counterfeiting is eliminated.. In addition, if this proposal is realized, it will be easier in the solutions of Letters of Guarantee.. Since there will not be a paper Letter of Guarantee to go to the accountancy, it is easier to follow up in the relevant service of the Customs Directorate.. Thus, the accountancy office may be disabled.. The solution of the Letter of Guarantee is also completely terminated in the Customs Directorates.. This offer attracted attention, adopted, was put on the agenda. There are other ingredients besides this. Our friends are working on this. The topics we propose are welcomed. Ministry doesn't have to know everything. It is always good to ask the practitioners. Our Minister, We have good relations with our Deputy Minister and Undersecretary, both our Ministry bureaucrats and our Regional Managers.. The most important motto of our administration is to start diplomacy again where diplomacy ends.. Edirne as IGMD, Tekirdag, We are responsible for four regions, namely Istanbul and Kocaeli, and my colleagues are in four regions 450 They serve within km.

-You have requested that a place be allocated to the Customs Consultancy companies that follow the business as an Indirect Representative in Erenköy Customs Directorate, but this request was not welcomed.. When looking from a bird's eye view of the Erenköy Customs Directorate area, there is a very large area.. Can't find a place there?

I am a person who knows the history of Erenköy. We closed the Istanbul Entry Customs Directorate in September 1988 and opened the Erenköy Entry Customs Directorate.. In the first winter of the year we opened, the ceiling started to flow in the rain, 1999 it was damaged in the earthquake. The current building was the Directorate of Tasiş Business., physically, it is not suitable for the Customs Directorate at the moment.. While Deputy Chairman to the Ministry, single storey steel construction for smuggled goods warehouse, We suggested that the customs go there. There are examples in some foreign companies, 500 person can work in one floor. However, this was not accepted. The current place of work is not suitable for civil servants and has a disorganized structure, import elsewhere export elsewhere. Two of our friends can't turn if they get in line. Verb outside, In terms of physical condition, my friends have no place to stay. There is only a living room with a declaration and a teahouse. As for the legal situation, this place was treasure (Of National Real Estate, Ministry of Finance). Tasiş is there tenants. My guess 2-3 Customs goes from here in the year. Opposite Shopping Malls, hotels were built and a precious land. For the Customs Directorate, we first heard of Orhanlı and now we hear it as Akfırat, but the same distance will wait for us at the third airport tomorrow the next day.. Yeşilköy will depart and go to the third airport. We wanted something simpler to be built as a building.. Tasiş, An institution that earns money under the Ministry of Customs and Trade. I specifically wrote to the Regional Directorate. If I write to Tasiş, he will write to Tasiş Regional Directorate. Tasiş's Manager is also under the Istanbul Customs and Trade Regional Manager.. Customs maybe 2-3 will be up after the year, but during this period, should our friends stay open?. A simpler barrack-like structure can be built that protects our colleagues from physical external factors.. Cause we won't trade there. We will follow this.

-UND President Mr. Çetin Nuhoğlu's ‘Customs 10 About the "Will Be Up Year Later", would you like to say something?

We all, I always say this in meetings I attend for other professions that are stakeholders in our profession.. We respect everyone, but as long as you respect us. To my profession, Whoever disrespects my colleagues will find me in front of them. Some people say ‘What do you do for Customs Brokers or Deputy Customs Brokers??’. Not much, what we do on a Friday afternoon, we do not go to work all over Turkey Customs moments. Therefore, when we finish our business in export, the transporters start their duty.. Saying that the Customs will end after ten years, Customs will not end.. More new examples, recently in Mersin 122 pounds of cocaine seized. Turkey's geographical position of certain. The Cilvegözü Border Gate has been temporarily closed and it is unclear how long it will remain closed.. Why? The door on the Syrian side is in the hands of the terrorist organization. After all, transport friends cannot pass through there when the door is closed.. Our neighbors are neither Germany, France nor Italy.

While taking an oath, the President of the USA puts one hand on his heart and one hand on his own holy book and says my country first. Then we will say our country first. We have no eye on anyone's gain. Airline agency comes and puts a sticker on the bill of lading and goes. There is no such thing as an ordering. A sticker is attached to the bill of lading under the name of delivery order money ‘two containers write this kilogram. 250 lira says. We leave it to the business world. We don't have an eye on anyone's bread, and nobody should have an eye on our bread..

-You have a colorful personality. You have sports in your life, there is music, There is a community life. When these are combined with the Customs Consultancy, a very different pattern emerges.. Your musician direction, He was criticized Turkey to join Voice negatively by some friends. Would you like to say something about this topic?

I would like to say this when I have such a possibility. West, one person is a member of at least three or four societies and clubs. One should not be afraid of this. Every person has a hobby, has a talent. Sports whatever you have talent, music, the book why you enjoy it you should get into somewhere about it. There was only one conservatory about Turkish Music in Istanbul at the time. 1972-73 I went to Beşiktaş Municipality Conservatory in. I left when I went to the army. 1976I both started customs and went to Üsküdar Music Society.. I was one of the rare students who jumped three classes in three months and entered the class of Emin Ongan.. The voice is in our family, from grandmother to mom, from my mom to me, it is a genetic legacy from me to my daughter.

20 I have a yearly volleyball life. Its 11 passed the year as a captain in Beşiktaş, then at Istanbul Technical University, In the fire department, I played in IETT and then ended my sports career in Beşiktaş.. 3 We managed Beşiktaş's council committee together with Mr. Yalçın KARADENİZ.. 2 period, Turkey did board member of the Volleyball Federation.

Sports and music are universal, bring people closer to each other. I am practicing a profession that follows the legislation. We have to follow this if we are doing a living affiliated business.. It should never be said that I am in our profession and art. Actually it means it is me, it means i'm dead.

He was spontaneously join my voice to Turkey. The story (my daughter) we took it to the competition. They listened to Öykü and liked it. When they said story and my father's voice is very beautiful, Serdar Bey said, please come here too.. I went in too. I showed civil courage and I believe I represent my profession well there.. I told the places I belong. I respect everyone's opinion, There will be criticisms, but I'd prefer constructive criticisms.. The important thing is not to insult and if possible within criticism , If there is a suggestion, it would be more elegant.
In January, we held a workshop in Kızılcahamam with our Ministry and the management of Five Associations.. Under the presidency of our Deputy Undersecretary Mr. Remzi Akçin, all General Managers, Heads of Departments, From our ministry 50 person attended. There was a very large participation. When I was going to open the meeting on behalf of Five Association Presidents, they said we have a surprise. He reflects on two large indoor O Audio Turkey Serdar Keskin, music kicked in. Honestly, I did not expect such a gesture from our Ministry and I was very touched.. He did not know the voice of Turkey's power is so. I got very positive feedback from people I didn't expect. Whatever you do, you can't please everyone. One or two different criticisms did not come, but if the majority appreciates you somewhere, it means your work is correct.. I look at this. He wrote a sharp sound in the Bots Turkey Serdar If you can hear me free 🙂

-Customs Deputy Counselors and Interns Association and Customs Counselors, What would you like to say about their willingness to vote in the same ballot box with Customs Brokers? ?

In the past, there was a sensitivity among the Assistant Consultant friends, feel the need to establish an association. Another point is abolished 1615 By referring to the Turkish Commercial Code in the Customs Law no.. However, in 1999 4458 This was lifted by law and entered into force in February 2000. Partnership requirement for Deputy Customs Brokers was abolished, but one year, one year has been extended continuously. For many years, we had friends who owned and partnered a subsidiary company. One of the first examples that comes to my mind is our former national football player Candemir Berkman.. 55-60 year company had. Then he became the manager of his own company. It was an injustice too 2005 The period, which was extended each year in a year, was not extended. Partners became managers in their own company. In the conditions of that day, it was perhaps correct to establish the Customs Brokers and Trainees Association.. If you ask me I would say this is not necessary today. Already legally the Ministry 5 He knows the association. Why? Because abolished 1615 This is our right from the Customs Law No.. (With a right from the old law 1972 from the year.) Anyone can establish an association subject to the Associations Law, but the Ministry will not recognize you.. Friends wanted to establish an association in Izmit., They applied to the Ministry, Ministry gave a refusal. If approved, this would not be the end. Occupation breaks down. Not necessary, everyone is already a member of these associations. If you are going to do this legally, you have to be a member..

As for the single ballot box, friends who are Customs Brokers, Deputy Customs Brokers, represent us in the public., They are in a tendency to continue in this way by saying that they are working with us.. Perhaps I am one of the people who work with assistants the most. Tamtamına 26-27 I worked for years. So I am a person who knows what they suffer in the rain and snow. I've done my best for helpers. A Chamber law was drafted. It was not available at the beginning, but later on, we took the decision with our Ministry to represent the assistant friends in the Chamber.. As in the management of the Association to a certain extent today. We wanted Muhakkak Deputy Customs Broker friends to become representatives and members.. 2008 In law studies 5 On behalf of the association, I can say that we ensured the partnership of Deputy Customs Brokers in the council works of that day.. Assistant Customs Consultants can already become partners with their own companies.. In our opinion, this is the most important service for Customs Consultant Assistants.. Same time 5 As an association, we have included this in the draft law studies..

-Will the Customs Consultants Association become a chamber one day??

As long as my heart beats there is hope. No giving up in our book. If you examine the Certified Public Accountants, you will see that they have been working for more than forty years.. And they have very strong lobbies. For many years, I have seen that the most important commission of the Parliament is the plan budget commission, and this commission consists of people of finance origin.. Unfortunately, we cannot remove even the Customs Consultant and Deputy Advisors MPs., stop dominating commissions. We are trying to solve this situation with our bilateral relations.. Even so, we've come a long way in the room business. The most important obstacle ahead is called TOBB. Customs brokers, There is such a tendency in TOBB as if it would like to be a room in other associations if there is a room.. However, according to the Turkish Commercial Code, we all have companies, we will pay our dues to the Chambers of Commerce, here they will not have a financial loss.. We want to be an independent room. A proposal to be a part of TOBB was also presented. Our boss, the Ministry of Customs and Trade, will then have two bosses., There will be both ministry and TOBB. In such a case, I cannot even hold this interview with you without getting permission from TOBB.. Our profession is a very dynamic profession. When a legislation is issued, we examine suggestions from our colleagues, inspections are coming and immediately, We write to the relevant institution. I am a member of parliament in ITO. Esteemed President and management of ITO are very understanding to us, but there is a cumbersome structure there.. 25 In Customs Consultants Committee No., We make a decision and go to the Board of Directors after us. Until today, all our decisions have been decided by the Board of Directors., we have no returning decision. It is written to the relevant ministry, not only to the Ministry of Customs and Trade. TOBB wants him to come to him first. Writing to TOBB. When you go to TOBB, it stays for a long time, sometimes six months and a year, until then the legislation is out of date.. Our Association is always ahead in that respect. We can move faster.
The Customs Brokers Association is also included in the Provisional Article 6 of our Customs Law, which is still in effect.. I always say that temporary matter 18 It has been a permanent item in force for years. This is shame, it is not our fault. We do not want to accept that. TOBB objects, we do not want to say we cannot be a chamber. Now Justice and Development Party 15 in power for years, Mr. Ertuğrul Günay was the Minister of Culture and Tourism and made Tourism Guides Chamber. Rıfat Bey was also the President of TOBB at that time.. So I believe that if our minister wants, he will make us a Chamber.. Our heart desires to be an independent Chamber. At the last point, there will be an Association Room and the other four Associations will be branches.. This came to the agenda at the meeting chaired by our Deputy Minister last year.. There was a bag of law. In that bag law, they removed the associations and the minimum wage from the law.. They said the associations should stay or the minimum wage should remain,that we will not give up both, associations 1615 We stated at the meeting that it is a right deriving from Customs Law No.. Later, both were accepted, so both associations remained and the minimum wage remained., as you know. When we were elected as the new administration, Mr. Minister called us through his special office.. We went to his office. We opened this subject to Minister Mr., We stated that we will follow this issue in the coming days.. As I mentioned above, we came to this model last.. When this model was offered to us, I left the decision for the approval of the other Association Presidents.. Other Presidents agreed.

-15 Expected to take effect in August 2017, but, due to density 15.09.2017 What would you like to say about the "abolition of A and B classes in OKS"?

15.08.2017OKS time was expiring at. 15.08.2017There are those who applied before, Since there is a lot of density in Istanbul Customs and Trade Zone, our Ministry 15 It gave a period of a month until September. Hundreds of companies that have applied to have an OKS transaction only in Istanbul; Density was experienced despite the personnel reinforcement of the Istanbul Customs and Trade Regional Directorate. The most important point here is. OKS’deki A, Blue line also disappears for imports as B leaves. Therefore, where will thousands of statements on the Blue Line go?. Of course it will go on the Yellow Line and the Red Line. This will also block the Customs, will create density. This will be the biggest trouble. Think of an Examiner. If he is working in a Customs with a busy business volume, 40 – 50 This number will increase to 70-80 while examining the number of declarations.. It has a certain capacity. Now there are more than 1400 OKS companies. YYS so far 111 around. Most of them are shipper or warehouse. When we look at who the OKS companies are, Industrialists of these companies, we see that we are a manufacturer and exporter. If we want to pave the way for exports,These companies also need to make their imports quickly. Blue Line needs to continue, According to us. Those who want to pass to YYS, who want to continue from OKS. Because these companies are not ordinary companies. Million dollar export, Our country's favorite companies are. My humble suggestion I mentioned above is that those who want to switch to YYS should pass., Blue line for imports continue at OKS. Otherwise the Customs will be extremely stuck. Industrialist, These companies, which are manufacturers and exporters, export by processing the raw materials they import.. Most industrialists here, manufacturer, the exporter suffers. The abolition of OKS may also negatively affect exports in this sense.. Exports made significant strides in both oks'n for Turkey would be advantageous to be repealed along yys'n. If the disruption would be to the detriment of Turkey. Costs increase. Our boss here is always foreign trade connoisseur.. We eat bread from here. Whatever a lawyer is in law, We are foreign trade, we are their representatives. We follow business as a proxy in accordance with the Customs Law.. The most important issue that I emphasize is that it should not be mandatory but voluntary.. There is not such a great benefit to Turkey in. I also find it useful to say. They say they will go to the factory in YYS. This decision applies to land transport, Right for TIR, but if the ship arrives, will the ship approach the factory or if the plane comes, will the plane land at the factory?. Summary I think the continuation of the Blue Line would be of great benefit in terms of national interest..

-Mr. President, lastly, what would you recommend to those who are new to the Customs Consultancy profession? ?
I don't mean to recommend, but I can make suggestions based on my experience.. Because the most important teacher in life is experience. They should never forget the people who taught them the profession when they started the profession and they should show the necessary respect to them.. So they show respect, Let them be respected too. Respect and love go hand in hand. Let them love their profession very much. Whatever job you do, you will not be successful if you do not like it.. Sometimes you can work in a job you don't want, but you don't succeed in it.. In today's conditions 1+2 if desired 3 can be a Customs Broker in a year. There are also examples of this. But that's not enough, you can't learn this job just by reading from the book.. Certainly the theory, theory, exercise, they all need to go together, the school of this business is customs, are offices. If you are in the hands of good teachers in a good school, you will learn the details.. After learning a little something, don't let them say I am. As I mentioned above, it means I am, it means i'm dead. Let them be humble. The coming years profession shell, it may change shape but the profession continues. Our geopolitical position shows this. And some NGOs other than us, they see it as the Ministry of Finance in terms of tax and money flow. However, the Ministry of Finance collects money on certain days in certain months.. At the customs, there is money collection every day. Through the Accountancy Offices, To Ankara, money goes from customs every day. We also have other services. There are doors, there are passengers. We are also stakeholders of this business. Think of it this way Assistant Intern, Deputy Customs Consultant Assoc., Customs Consultant is Professor. These are not easy. Let them raise themselves, they need to develop their knowledge and follow living Legislation. Let them be careful to be in harmony.,here is peace two. If someone has a problem, you sing. There is no reason why they should not be successful. Do not despair. every night has a morning.

From here, I express my love and respect to everyone on behalf of my Customs Family and Management Setup through you..