Explanation : Free repair and maintenance of the region to Turkey in HK for import goods subject to verbal statement SBİF



Customs General Directorate

Number :41208501-107

topic :2016/16 Scope of Circular No.
Joint Oral Statement Items

11.07.2018 / 35751908


Free Zones, From the Overseas Investment and Services Directorate General 12/6/2018 E.62458 dated and numbered report to the General Directorate of articles that are transferred to bet, the Free Zone Directorate about some of the Free Zone Customs Office, from free trade zones in Turkey for repair and maintenance purposes outlet 2016/16 During operation the Free Zone Operation Form with oral declaration forms within the scope of Circular No. (SBİF) by expressing their application asks whether to continue the arrangement, In order to ensure finalization of the necessary procedures in such cases quickly repair and maintenance repairs and maintenance on SBİF forms of approval for required updates for SBBUP program was made to give priority, On the other hand, the free zone Free Trade Zone Customs Directorate of repair and maintenance for imports to Turkey to continue to be sought in the SBİF, but weekend hours and be transmitted by oral declaration form to be processed outside the Free Zone Directorate in order to arrange an example of the later of the following forms of matter is reported SBİF.

An example of the type mentioned is being sent herewith, I request the necessary information is obtained and accordingly.

Mustafa SILVER
Ministers a.
General manager

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All the Regional Directorate of Customs and Trade



Free Zones, Overseas Investment and Services Directorate General


Number :90386059 – 299 – E.62458

topic :2016/16 Circular No.


(Customs General Directorate)

Ministries issued 2016/16 Circular No., 2018/9 Circular No. with different 1 In the article "Free zones in the context of the inward processing regime, including repair and maintenance order registered in the inventory of goods to be imported temporarily resident companies if desired, Subjecting the provision of oral declaration and counting in the permit process, including the registration of the said verbal declaration form, of all transactions carried out the declaration form for oral permission "it is situated provision.

Recently, in writing transferred to our General Directorate, Some Customs Directorate of Free Zones, the relevant free zone directorate, for repair and maintenance purposes of the free zone outputs to Turkey within the scope of the aforementioned Circular "verbal declaration form" with the process while Free Zone Operation Form (SBİF) Ask whether to proceed with their application to regulation, in repair and maintenance purposes while others are reported to have stated that output could SBİF search.

As already known, 3218 No. of Free Zones Law 8 the article 6772 Law No. added paragraph "operating in the free zones of business investment in machinery and equipment used in the maintenance and repair needs met elsewhere in Turkey, of activities resulting from the removal of waste and scrap to Turkey, Except for the provisions relating to Turkey will be held in other locations used in filming activity equipment and temporary exit of equipment and similar property tax liability in cases of supply, business and the simplification of rules and procedures for operation with the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the Ministry of Customs jointly determined "The Article.

The same law 7 Article of (b) subparagraph "brought into the region from abroad thousand out of CIF value of goods 1 of the issued and over a thousand FOB value of goods to Turkey 9 ratio, payable in advance fees "are listed among the free zones revenue.

Free Zones Governing Regulation 27 According to the sixth article "User, therefore, activities in the region with regard to the work they want to give to the Free Zone completing the Transaction Form Regional Directorate and the Special Account opened to collect the revenues of the fees to be paid is obliged to pay to the banks where the special account ".

Again, the aforementioned regulations 58 According to the article "Users registered in the books and records of maintenance and investment goods inventory from the region as reasons to Turkey during the temporary removal of books and documents in thousand of these goods at cost value 9 coverage ratio must be taken ". Thus said thousandths 9 the rate of coverage of the monitoring and collection of repair and maintenance purposes is realized through SBİF forms of input and output is required to connect to sbif, Customs Directorate of Free Zones as well as the verbal declaration forms by searching sbif also is important in terms of securing public revenue.

On the other hand, entering the free zone and designed to keep track of all kinds of goods resulting from free trade zones Free Trade Zone Computer Application Program (SBBUP), It works with data compiled from inside or outside the free zone SBİF forms are organized in motion all sorts of goods SBİF. But, free zone users that urgency iktiz repair firms to maintain their production and maintenance of such cases in order to ensure finalization of the necessary procedures quickly, Repair and maintenance is carried out on SBİF forms of consent for the necessary updates to be given priority in the program SBBUP.

The above mentioned provisions of the legislation subject matters and Customs Directorate of Free Zones within the framework "of the free zones to Turkey in repair and maintenance for imports to continue to search SBİF, but transmitting the weekend and overtime hours beyond verbal declaration form with the inactivity of the Free Zone Directorate to subsequent forms of regulation of an example later SBİF "as instructed them and mentioned Circular would supply the necessary action in order updated in the frame.

Ministers a.
General Manager V.