Explanation : Customs Law of the temporarily imported motor vehicles 238-1 Pearl will be held, pursuant to the fine calculation, and the amount of the penalty charge will be added TRT Bantrol 2015/7757 Decision No. hk ratio should be taken into account in the supplementary list.

Customs General Directorate

Number : 72093537-225.99
topic : GK in temporary Imported Land Vehicles 238 Parcel applied in Charge

18.10.2019 / 48650825

Interest: a) 18.05.2018 dated 3444306 Our letter dated.
b) 14.03.2019 dated 42513799 Our letter dated.

Interest (a)'Our registered post; 3093 No. Turkey Radio and Television Corporation Income in Accordance with Law Radio, Television, Video and United Devices remaining with them Other Related to Radio and Television for receiving the broadcast will be received from the device Parcel of All Forms Fees 2015/7757 Decision of the Council of Ministers dated "obligation to take Parcel entitled" 9 Subject to the second paragraph of Article "Parcel tracking and collection of fees entitled" 10 Subject to demand the cancellation of the article as a result of lawsuits against the Ministry, Council of state 10. Condominium 20.02.2018 It decided to suspend execution of said given for the judgment agents; interest (b)'from TRT has registered post sticker to be applied to goods subject to retrospective and current transactions relating to release for free circulation place is given to the principles and procedures.

But, Ministry of event that gets us, Customs General Communiqué Regarding Temporary Imported Land Vehicles (Seri No: 1) Regarding the scope of temporarily imported motor vehicles 4458 Customs Law No. 238 Article of criminal cases involving the application pursuant to paragraph, TRT said the license fee will be included in the calculation of fines; if the, said the rate specified in the Council of Ministers Is, on commercial imports to be brought from abroad or outside the purpose of the device 2018/499 Decisions will be taken into consideration by the President in respect of No. Did we make the specified amount is understood to be hesitant to give.

In calculating the fines in question, customs administrations in common 2015/7757 No. Who it is understood that the incorporation of a license fee calculated at the rate determined by the Committee, 4458 Customs Law No. 238 Decision of the Council of Ministers referred to in Article penalty decision will be held under the first paragraph should be considered in addition to the rates specified list.

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