Explanation : South Korea Free Trade Agreement of origin in order to benefit from the preferential import regime within the scope of goods subject to the declaration that the only valid document for proof of origin, HK acceptance certificate of origin should be.



The European Union and the External Relations Directorate General

Number :16934678-724.01.01/KR

topic :G.Kore STA

20.10.2017 / 28844315


Interest :Deputy Undersecretary of Authority 8.5.2013 dated 4101 No. article.

As it stated in the article registered in the IM, Turkey-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (STA) The goods subject to import is carried out under the only valid document for the declaration of origin proof of origin in order to benefit from the preferential regime, There is no possible submission of a certificate of origin instead of this document. certificate of origin by the importer in this context should not be considered if it is submitted.

Same way, South Korean authorities said S in the scope of subsequent control before the document is a declaration of origin may be subjected, Turkey-South Korea stipulated in the stadium, patches and fixes to benefit from the preferential certificate of origin regime for the control which items should not be sent later.

I request the required information, as described above with respect Executing.

Bulent Orhan TÜREL
Ministers a.
Head of Department

DISTRIBUTION: All the Regional Directorate of Customs and Trade