Explanation : Paperless transactions to be made in the export practices in HK.

Customs General Directorate

Number : 73421605-170.01.01

topic : Export Paperless Practice


As it is known in the Customs Regulation, 24.05.2019 Date attached as documents originating outside environment with the amendment to be adopted in the paper export declarations made in the cases determined by the Ministry of the obligations arising from international regulations or in paper form will be submitted to the customs authorities.

In this context, ;

export customs declarations electronically for shared electronically with the amendments to the Customs Regulations, These declarations are additional documents in paper or electronic document original by the presence of the binding declaration in the frame, As each declaration, Of the Act so as to allow the checks to be carried later 13 article to be retained by the frame exporter.

The export declaration is to be signed with e-signature by the relevant officer, e-signed copy of the authorization by the exporter with the taxpayer about the application will be available through GET-APP.

20 August 2019 until the date of the export declaration is both in paper form will continue to be electronically signed by the inspection officer, In case of submission already made in paper form by this date, the export declaration and archiving operations will be carried out in the same manner. 9th paragraph of Article 112'nc of the Customs Regulations From that date will be made exporters and customs authorities of electronically archiving in accordance with.

20 August 2019 It will only be delivered after the date of export declaration to the customs authorities electronically signed, Our operations currently being made in the data entry hall Ministry web page "E-transactions / Electronic Declaration" will be done using e-signature menu.

20 August 2019 paper copy of the export declaration after the date, customs administrations liable or any institution / organization will be given to.
On the other hand e-signed as a customs declaration for export held electronically charged to 20 August 2019 Risk Management since, The General Directorate of Liquidation and Revolving Fund 2019/5 Circular No. its amendments.

In this regard the transaction as specified above in order to enable your members to be informed and vigilant monitoring process be forwarded to dijitalgumrukdestek@ticaret.gov.t address in case of any problems encountered and be notified in writing is important.

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