Explanation : All financial obligations of origin of the goods covered by a certificate of origin HK done with quinine ie extension.

Customs General Directorate

Number : 20117910-163.02.01
topic : Certificate of origin

24.07.2019 / 462669126

INTEREST: 09/04/2019 Your letter dated.

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Regulation of Customs abolished as known 205 The third paragraph of Article "free circulation at the entrance, Import Regime applicable exclusively to the origin of the goods subject to trade policy measures in Decision, It will be evidenced by a certificate of origin. Certificate of origin, goods subject to the commercial policy measures to be submitted in the crop declaration for the release for free circulation. "The provision is located.

Thus exporter by submitting the declaration or supplier declaration of origin origin of the material in the said Regulation should be taken under the provisions evidenced by a certificate of origin of the goods covered by the trade policy measures, it is not possible.

However,, 24 May 2019 date and 30783 published in the Official Gazette No. "Regulation on the Amendment of the Customs Regulations" with the Customs Regulations 38 inch, 41 th 205 It is provided to the necessary changes to the Articles of origin certificate of origin for all financial obligations ie extension quinine scope of goods.

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