Explanation : Plant to be entered into our country by mail or cargo, herbal products and other substances and harmful organisms; Without being subjected to official control at the customs of our country by the Ministry of Commerce inspectors and if the control result is found appropriate, About not allowing entry into our country through the Customs Single Window System without a Letter of Conformity.



Customs General Directorate

Number : 18723479-153.18

topic : Herbal and Herbal Products Received by Mail and Cargo

28.05.2019 / 44682358


Interest: a) 29.05.2014 dated 18723479-153.16/00000668173 Our letter dated.

b) 14.08.2017 dated 18723479-305.99/00027301091 Our letter dated.

As known, Plant quarantine controls of plants and herbal products to be imported and exported in our country 5996 No. "Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed Law "and prepared in accordance with this Law and 03.12.2011 date and 28131 It is made in accordance with the provisions of the "Plant Quarantine Regulation" published in the Official Gazette no..

The regulation titled "Product entry by mail or cargo" 14 in article;

“(1) Plants and herbal products delivered by mail or cargo, It is checked according to the provisions of this Regulation and allowed to enter the country..

(2) The word "PLANT-PLANT" is written in Turkish and English in bold and capital letters on the parcels containing herbs and herbal products. " it is called.

Plant Quarantine Regulation 14 Third Article and Scientific Study, Plant for Experiment and Variety Breeding, Communiqué on the Entry and / or Movement of Herbal Products and Other Substances and Harmful Organisms into the Country (2014/59) plant that is desired to be entered into our country by mail or cargo, regarding herbal products and other substances and harmful organisms, taken from the General Directorate of Food and Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. 13.05.2019 The letter dated and numbered E.1442890 is attached., about not allowing the goods in question to enter our country without being subjected to official control by the inspectors of the Ministries and if the control result is deemed appropriate, without the "Certificate of Conformity" issued by the parties,

Information and the need to please.

Mustafa SILVER

Ministers a.

General manager


All Regional Directorate of Customs and Foreign Trade