Explanation : 2017/7 Import Protection Measures Related to the scope of the Communiqué No. , 7009.91 Of the Islamic Republic of Iran classified frameless glass mirrors originating from the period of implementation of the conservation measures being implemented in the form of quotas on imports under the tariff positions Statistics 3 and by extension the years 03.07.2017-02.07.2018 for the period 2147 your , 03.07.2018-02.07.2019 for the period 2211 your , 03.07.2019-02.07.2020 for the period 2277 determined to be tons verilmişit.

The Ministry of Economy:


MATTER 1 – (1) this Communiqué, 22/4/2017 dated 30046 Communiqué on the Safeguards Import published in the Official Gazette (Communiqué No.: 2017/3) With initiated and 10/5/2004 dated 2004/7305 Council of Ministers dated on imports was imposed on the decision and the decision of the Safeguards 8/6/2004 dated 25486 published in the Official Gazette Import Safeguards it comprises decision result of investigations carried out under Regulation.


MATTER 2 – (1) Ministry of Economy Import summary report containing the results of an investigation by the Directorate General executed and completed the information and findings on the results achieved are given in Annex-1.


MATTER 3 – (1) Evaluation Board in the Import Safeguards 7009.91 Tariffs of products on the positions of the protection measures being implemented in the form of quotas on imports originating in the Islamic Republic of Iran of the application period 3 (three) for the extension of the quota year and the amount was decided by a unanimous vote of the members attending the meeting to be held as in the table below.

GTP Description Amount of quota (your)
3/7/2017 – 2/7/2018 3/7/2018 – 2/7/2019 3/7/2019 – 2/7/2020
7009.91 Frameless glass mirrors 2.147 2.211 2.277


MATTER 4 – (1) this Communiqué 3/7/2017 Enters into force on.


MATTER 5 – (1) Provisions of this Communiqué are executed by the Minister of Economy.

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