Explanation : 20/12/1995 dated 95/7606 The lists and annexes included in the Appendix of the Import Regime Decree put into effect with the Council of Ministers Decision have been abolished., the same Decision I, II, III, IV, With lists V and VI (I:1), (I:2), (I:3), (I:4), (I:5), (I:6), (I:7) and (I:8) has been added. (Towards the Development Countries (Gyu), Least Developed Countries (EAGÜ), Countries will benefit from the Special Incentive Arrangement (PASSES, sector list, Composition Chart (Meursing Table), agriculture share)

Number of Decisions: 517

Implementation of the attached "Additional Decision to the Import Regime Decision"; 20/2/1930 dated 1567 Law No. 1 inch, 14/5/1964 dated 474 Law No. 2 th, 6/5/1986 dated 3283 Law No. 2 th, 27/10/1999 dated 4458 Law No. 16 th, 22 Third and 55 Article with 2/2/1984 dated 2976 It has been decided in accordance with the provisions of Law No..

27 December 2018


MATTER 1- (1) 20/12/1995 dated 95/7606 numbered The lists and annexes in the appendix of the Import Regime Decision put into effect with the Council of Ministers Decision, repealed with changes; the same Decision I, II, III, IV, With lists V and VI (I:1), (I:2), (I:3), (I:4), (I:5), (I:6), (I:7) and (I:8) has been added.

MATTER 2- (1) Implementation of the Additional Decisions to the Import Regime Decision for additional customs duty will continue..

MATTER 3- (1) Within the scope of this Decision, a higher rate of customs duty than the European Union Common Customs Tariff is applied., In case of coming to free zones or coming to our country within the scope of Inward Processing Regime or Warehouse Regime and exported to the European Union, The customs tax rates in the European Union Common Customs Tariff are applied in the calculation of the compensatory tax, if any..

MATTER 4- (1) 4/1/2002 dated 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. 2 In the registration of the customs declaration for the import to be made under the free circulation regime by the public institutions and organizations listed in Article n, the Ministry of Commerce (General Directorate of Imports) permission is sought.

MATTER 5- (1) Provided that the obligations arising from the relevant legislation and exceptional provisions are reserved., 4 Permissions granted under the third article, It does not replace the permits and documents required under other legislation..

MATTER 6- (1) Exemptions regarding the matters specified in the fourth article, exceptions, procedures and principles are determined by the Communiqués to be published by the Ministry of Trade..

TEMPORARY TOPIC 1- (1) With this decision, for goods with increased customs tax, Before the date of publication of this Decision installation organized a transport document made goods to be shipped to Turkey from the date of publication of this Decision at the latest 45 if the customs declaration regarding the import is registered within the day or a summary declaration is filed within the framework of the customs legislation., Customs duty rates before the publication of this Decision shall apply..

(2) In order to benefit from the provisions of the aforementioned paragraph, the declaration of entry for free circulation 31/3/2019 (including this date) must be registered by the date of.

MATTER 7- (1) this Decision 1/1/2019 Enters into force on.

MATTER 8- (1) This Decision shall be enforced by Trade Minister.