Explanation : 2017/4 No. Import received additional Customs Rules and Procedures on the Implementation of the tax on the certificate of origin and customs procedures communique entitled 2 In the Article; Exporters in the presence of ATR movement certificate showing Declaration of the goods covered by additional customs duty is just to free movement within the scope of the import regime for EU entry or Turkish origin, if submitted by the importer to the customs authorities will take additional customs duties; Exporters also be required if declaration is made arrangements regarding the customs declaration is annexed as well as the certificate of origin declarations or the supplier submitted a declaration to the customs authorities in case of long-term supplier.

The Ministry of Economy:

MATTER 1 – 30/12/2017 dated 30286 No. received repeated in Imports published in the Official Gazette on the Implementation of Additional Customs Duty Communiqué on Principles and Procedures (Imports: 2017/4)’in 2 nc first and second paragraphs of the agent is amended as follows:.

“(1) An example given in the appendix shows that in the presence of ATR movement certificate for the goods covered by the European Union additional customs duty on imports carried out under the free circulation regime or Turkish origin "Exporters Statement", additional customs duties will not be in the annex of the customs declaration by the importer to the customs authorities upon submission.

(2) Do declaration or certificate of origin in the customs declaration to the customs authorities upon submission of crop or long-term supplier's declaration "Exporters Statement" not required. "

MATTER 2 – this Communiqué 28/2/2018 enter into force from the date of the publication date to be valid.

MATTER 3 – Provisions of this Communiqué are executed by the Minister of Economy.