Explanation : 3207. SIR (LINER) 0,6 USD / gross surveillance applications has come. 12.06.2018 dated issues communiqué 30. Day enters into force.

Communiqué on the Implementation of Supervision of Imports (No: 2018/13) (12.06.2018 t. 30449 s. R.G.)

The Ministry of Economy:


MATTER 1 – (1) this Communiqué, Position the customs tariff statistics (gTip) and the definition of specified goods (under the customs value in the face value of only those having units) Import contains principles and procedures that will be implemented prospectively for surveillance applications.

G.T.İ.P. Description of Goods Customs Valuation Unit (USD / Kg *)
3207. Others 0,6

*Gross weight

Surveillance application

MATTER 2 – (1) 1 but the Ministry of Economy goods specified in article (General Directorate of Imports) It is imported by Inspection Certificate to be held. Inspection Certificate of registration of the relevant customs office in the customs declaration.


MATTER 3 – (1) Applications regarding the Inspection Certificate Request, Ministry of Economy (Ministry) Internet site (www.ekonomi.gov.tr) Located at the bottom of e-Signature Application "Introduction to E-Signature Application" section in the "Import Operations" section is made with electronic signatures. In addition, e-government (www.turkiye.gov.tr) also referenced the address.

(2) The company is authorized to make an application on behalf of the owner of the electronic signature of the person covered by this Communiqué, 27/12/2017 dated 30283 No. Electronic Application System communique published in the Official Gazette on Import Operations (Imports:2017/3) frame is made of.

(3) In applications made under this Communiqué stated in paragraph "Import Operations" page "Application Procedures" under the main heading "Application Access" display in the document type as "TPS-0964-Industrial Inspection Certificate "Notification / Decision selected as this Communiqué. Form filling in the form of Appendix 2. All documents and electronic application form is completed by an electronic signature signed by the authorized user after installation of the system.

(4) The application shall not be made because of difficulties that may arise in the electronic environment, Applications can also be physically. application form is then used in the EK-1.


MATTER 4 – (1) The documents relating to applications made under this Communiqué originals may be requested from the applicant by the Ministry. Furthermore, the presented information and additional information and documents may be requested upon detecting deficiencies or inconsistencies in the documents.

Surveillance document issued notice to the applicant and

MATTER 5 – (1) Inspection Certificate is issued electronically and application form located on the e-mail addresses are notified. The notification issued by the Customs Single Window System 23 It is located in historical documents with document-digit number and the information required by this declaration 44 In the box numbered "Certificate Reference Number" and "Document Date" is declared in the area. Applicant has also not notified in writing.

(2) The applicant because of the lack of records, the customs authorities, Inspection Certificate of record in the case of not approved Single Window System, Located refer to the form of e-mail addresses are notified by the Directorate General of Imports. On the statement made by the importer 5 (five) Entry to the customs system built within a business day Import information given to the Directorate General. Otherwise, application having been deemed invalid.


MATTER 6 – (1) Applicants either and information provided under review documents applicants make false is whether or provide the information and documents of the declaration of inconsistency or omission in question if it is determined that there are inconsistencies or shortcomings until it is repaired Inspection Certificate can not be held.

Surveillance document the supervision of the use of information and documents

MATTER 7 – (1) The period of validity of the surveillance documents is six months.

(2) Inspection Certificate, 27/10/1999 dated 4458 No. of goods does not preclude application of the provisions of the Customs Law regarding the customs value. 1 Article specified value, 4458 No. Customs Code of the article's implementation of the provisions relating to customs value is not essential.


MATTER 8 – (1) following the publication of this Communiqué 30 UNC day enters into force.


MATTER 9 – (1) Provisions of this Communiqué are executed by the Minister of Economy.