01/04/2017 dated 30025 Official Gazette

Purpose and scope

MATTER 1 – (1) The purpose of this Communiqué, 1/7/2016 dated 29759 Imports published in the Official Gazette numbered Communiqué on the Prevention of Unfair Competition (Communiqué No.: 2016/29) originating in the People's Republic of China 8541. gümrük tarife istatistik pozisyonu altında kayıtlı “Fotovoltaik (solar) modül ve paneller” ürününe yönelik başlatılan ve T.C. Import General Directorate of the Ministry of Economy completion of the anti-dumping investigation conducted by the decision taken as a result is to enforce.


MATTER 2 – (1) this Communiqué, 14/6/1989 dated 3577 No. Law on Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports, 20/10/1999 dated 99/13482 No. of Ministers Decision on Prevention of Unfair Competition in Importation and put into effect by the Council 30/10/1999 dated 23861 published in the Official Gazette No. Import are based on the regulation on preventing unfair competition.


MATTER 3 – (1) This communiqué last;

  1. a) gTip: Customs tariff statistics position,
  2. b) Law: 14/6/1989 dated 3577 No. The Law on Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports,
  3. c) committee: Unfair Competition in Imports Evaluation Board,



MATTER 4 – (1) As a result of the investigation conducted, Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti menşeli soruşturma konusu ürünün ithalatının dampingli olduğu ve yerli üretim dalında zarara neden olduğu tespit edilmiştir. information on the scope of the investigation, bulgu ve tespitleri içeren ve bu Tebliğin hukuken bir parçası olan “Bilgilendirme Raporu”na “www.tpsa.gov.tr” internet adresinden “Damping ve Sübvansiyon Bilgilendirme Raporları” bağlantıları seçilerek ulaşılması mümkündür.

(2) In this context, GTİP table with an investigation to determine achieved in evaluating the decision and the approval of the Minister of Economy of the Board, Description of goods and country of origin of specified goods for import to Turkey, the Law 7 th sentence of the first paragraph of the second material is applied to fulfill strict precautions against dumping in the ratios shown in the table frame.


MATTER 5 – (1) Customs administrations, This Communiqué 4 CN in Article, definition and country of origin of the goods referred belongings, Without prejudice to the provisions of other legislation, The rate they charged across shown definitive measures against dumping of imports under the free circulation regime.

(2) Disclosure of the investigation report with a description of the product and similar products that are essential to the overall content of the application is located in the Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule of the CN and Communication 4 üncü maddesinde yer alan tabloda yer alan eşya tanımıdır.

(3) Prevention of products subject to the amendments to the Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule located in the tariff position does not preclude the application of the provisions of this Communiqué.


MATTER 6 – (1) This Circular shall enter into force on the date of publication.


MATTER 7 – (1) Provisions of this Communiqué are executed by the Minister of Economy.