Explanation : 512 Decision of the President No., Some industrial products (phosphorous acid, acetylacetone, acetic acid, vinyl ASET, grain AKRILAT, acrylonitrile, aqueous solution of sodium lügnosülfanat, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, poli(vinyl alcohol), a rotary type compressor, LED diode printed circuit board) delivery method with the application and use methods and principles of drop quotas on imports hk.

Commerce Ministry:

Purpose and scope

MATTER 1 – (1) The purpose of this Communiqué, 26/12/2018 dated 512 Decision of the President dated with the import of certain industrial products which entered into force in accordance with the Decision on Implementation of Tariff Quotas, Tariffs positions in the table in Appendix 1 of this Notification (GTP) and descriptions of the drop to regulate tariff quotas on imports Situated goods distribution method with the application and use of procedures and principles.


MATTER 2 – (1) this Communiqué, 26/12/2018 dated 512 President Decision No. enacted by the Decision on the Implementation of Certain Industrial Products Import Tariff Quotas on 14/4/2010 dated 2010/339 Decision of the Council of Ministers dated on imports was imposed Quota and Tariff Allotment Administration has been prepared based on Decision.

Tariff quota distribution application procedures and principles

MATTER 3 – (1) In accordance with the Decision on Industrial Products Import Tariff Quotas of some of Implementation, bu Tebliğin Ek-1’indeki tabloda GTP ve tanımları yer alan eşyanın ithalatında karşılarında gösterilen miktarlarda açılan tarife kontenjanlarının dağıtımı, sadece söz konusu eşyayı üretiminde hammadde veya ara mal olarak kullanan sanayicilere, bookbuilding method is done with.

(2) Tarife kontenjanından faydalanabilmek için sanayicilerin bu Tebliğin yayımı tarihinden itibaren on iş günü içerisinde, Ministry of Commerce (Ministry) The website (www.ticaret.gov.tr) Located at the bottom of e-Signature Application "Introduction to E-Signature Application" section in the "Import Operations" section is made with electronic signatures.

(3) The company is authorized to make an application on behalf of the owner of the electronic signature of the person covered by this Communiqué, 27/12/2017 dated 30283 No. Electronic Application System communique published in the Official Gazette on Import Operations (Imports:2017/3) frame is made of.

(4) In applications made under this Communiqué, specified in the second paragraph "Import Operations" page "Application Procedures" under the main heading "Application Access" screen as the Type Certificate "TPS-0955-Import License (METAL-CHEMICAL)”, Paper / Paper is selected, this decision. Form of the application is completed by disposing the electronic signature by an authorized user after installation of the system to a full and complete documents to be attached to the completed electronic application contained in Appendix 3.

(5) To apply for multiple goods company is required to make a separate application for each merchandise.


MATTER 4 – (1) The total amount of the requested tariff quota, quotas opened by the amount equal to or less than the amount of demand is not met exactly.

(2) The amount of the tariff quota opened tariff quotas of the total amount claimed if there is more than distribution; Number of valid applications, The total amount of demand, actual consumption, Produce amount, production capacity, consumption capacity, the total import volume of the previous year and those with the use quotas assigned to them is carried out by one or more of performance criteria to be considered.

Regulation of import licenses, and use notifications

MATTER 5 – (1) Tariff quotas to be made within the scope of import licenses held by the Ministry of imports customs office regarding the registration of customs declaration.

(2) This Communiqué on the principles and procedures within the framework of tariff quota allocations made on behalf of the applicant import licenses are issued by the Ministry informs the electronic application form and e-mail addresses located. Statement by the Ministry electronically (Single Window System) given 23 document-digit number is located on the historic document. Application has also written notification is not made.

(3) Located in the notification document by the document number and date of declaration required 44 In the box numbered "Certificate Reference Number" and "Document Date" is declared in the area.

(4) The applicant because of the lack of records, the customs authorities, approved the import license fails to record in the Single Window System, Located refer to the form of e-mail addresses are notified by the Directorate General of Imports. On the statement made by the importer 5 (five) Entry to the customs system built within a business day shall be informed to the Ministry. Otherwise, application having been deemed invalid.

(5) Goods subject to tariff quotas may only be released for free circulation in the period of validity of import licenses.

The duration of the import license

MATTER 6 – (1) import licenses to be edited 15/2/2020 up to date (including this date) valid.

Imported license transfer

MATTER 7 – (1) Imports covered by the import license, import license holder is required to be done by the company. Import licenses transferred to third parties.

The revised import licenses

MATTER 8 – (1) On the import license requirements in relation to the case of registered matters, Ministry (General Directorate of Imports) ex officio make changes. Import license held by the company on behalf of, If applying with information and documents related to request changes, Revised request concerning the import licenses by the Ministry (General Directorate of Imports) concluded. The application in question, represent and bind the company that arranged on behalf import license must be made by an authorized representative or representatives.

(2) demand for increasing the amount of import licenses will not be considered.

Measures for Implementation

MATTER 9 – (1) This is the accuracy of the declaration made under the Communiqué and to review related to the imported goods or the Ministry is authorized to make. concerned in cases where discrepancies in the information and documents submitted in the application does not meet demand until the discrepancy is resolved by the applicant. Ministry, if deemed necessary, additional information and documents submitted by originals of documents and information in electronic media may request.


MATTER 10 – (1) the matters contained in this communiqué to take measures for implementation, To make arrangements, Ministry or to make investigations in appropriate cases (General Directorate of Imports) is authorized.

Conditions with no provisions

MATTER 11 – (1) take part in matters in this Communiqué, 20/12/1995 dated 95/7606 Ministerial Decision No. Import Regime promulgated by the Council and other relevant legislation shall apply.

Repealed papers

MATTER 12 – (1) 2/2/2018 dated 30320 sayılı Resmî Gazete’de yayımlanan İthalatta Kota ve Tarife Kontenjanı İdaresine İlişkin Tebliğ (Communiqué No.: 2018/3) with 5/9/2018 dated 30526 sayılı Resmî Gazete’de yayımlanan İthalatta Kota ve Tarife Kontenjanı İdaresine İlişkin Tebliğ (Communiqué No.: 2018/6) It is repealed.

Transitional provision

TEMPORARY TOPIC 1 – (1) 12 nci madde ile yürürlükten kaldırılan tebliğler kapsamında alınmış olan ithal lisanslarının süresi 15/2/2019 up to date (including this date) uzatılmıştır.


MATTER 13 – (1) this Communiqué 1/1/2019 Enters into force on.


MATTER 14 – (1) This Communiqué shall be enforced by the Commerce Minister.



No G.T.P Description of goods Unit amount Customs duty %
1 2811. *Ağırlıkça % 98,5 veya daha fazla saflıkta fosforöz asit (CAS RN 13598-36-2) Your 2.000 0
2 2903.22 Trikloroetilen (CAS RN 79-01-6) Your 5.000 0
3 2914.19.90 *Minimum %99,5 saflıkta ve aşağıdaki özelliklerde asetilaseton:Maksimum % 0,1 asetik asit içeren
Maksimum %0,l su içeren,
Maksimum 15 APHA renk değerinde
Kırınma indisi 1,450 ± 0,002 yoğunluğu : 0,970 – 0,975 g/cm3 (20°C)
Your 1.100 0
4 2915.21 *Ağırlıkça %99 veya daha fazla saflıkta asetik asit (CAS RN 64-19-7) Your 70.000 0
5 2915.32 vinyl Aset Your 85.000 0
6 2916. Butil Akrilat Your 65.000 0
7 2926.10 *55 fasıl ve 68.15 GTP’lu ürünlerin üretiminde kullanılan akrilonitril Your 50.000 0
8 3804.00 *When dry weight calculation %55 sodium lügnosülfonat or more aqueous solution containing sodium lügnosülfonat Your 1.800 0
9 3806.10 *Single resin acids obtained from natural resin and natural resin Your 40.000 0
10 3815.
*Single catalyst containing titanium oxide and tungsten trioxide Your 450 0
11 3903.30 *Washing machine, Used in the production of a dishwasher and a refrigerator inner and outer component parts selfcolored, With UV resistance and antistatic properties comprising;- Tensile modulus 2250 MPa (Megapascal) or more but 2270 MPa less than that (ISO 527 determined according to method),

- tensile strength at break % 25 (ISO 527 determined according to),

– 220 ° C of 10 kg’mının erime akış hızı 10g/10dk veya daha fazla fakat 21 g/10dk’ dan az olan (ISO 1133 e göre belirlenmiş),
– Renk değeri ISO 11664-4 test metoduna göre belirlenmiş;

• “L” değeri 92,80 eşit veya daha fazla ve 94 ’e eşit veya daha az olmalı,
• “a” değeri -006’ya eşit veya daha fazla ve -3,02’ye eşit veya daha az olmalı,
• “b” değeri -0,62’ye eşit veya daha fazla ve -1,82’ye eşit veya daha az olmalıdır
acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer.

Your 4.000 0
12 3905.30.00 Poli (vinyl alcohol) (hidrolize olmamış asetat grupları içersin içermesin) Your 2.000 0
13 8414. *Rotatif (rotary) tip kompresör, soğutma kapasitesi 2 kW ile 8kW arasında olan tek fazlı motora sahip, R22 veya R410 tip refrijeran sıvı kullanan, dedicated to the production of air conditioning. Piece 450.000 0
14 8529.
*Single LED diode printed circuit board: Prisms / whether or not fitted with lenses, binders) Whether or not provided with, 85.28 for the manufacture of the backlight unit of the title product (a). Piece 40.000.000 0

(a): These goods are subject to the provisions of the customs legislation concerning the end-use.

* :The tax rate was reduced to properties of the products mentioned in this column only in the name of the substance GTP.


.......................................................................................... USED IN IMPORT




(General Directorate of Imports)

26/12/2018 dated 512 Communiqué on the decision of the President promulgated Some of Industrial Products Import in the Import Tariff Quotas issued pursuant to the Decision on the Implementation of Quota and Tariff Allotment Administration (Communiqué No.: 2018/8) within, Should be allocated in respect of regulation for substances below behalf of our company and the import license is hereby permitted.

Information and documents requested by your Ministry is presented in addition to the full and complete.

Representative of the Company Name

Signature / Stamp

Importer company;
Title :
Tax number :
Full address :
phone (internal), fax number :
Web address, :
E-mail address* :
Exporters company's title, address

G.T.İ.P. :
Article name :
Trade name :
Made in the place of use :
Goods requested amount :
Country of origin of goods :
Made in the country of dispatch :
Sign the goods to the competent customs authorities :

*Electronic import license issued by firms is transmitted as e-mail addresses, Notification of actively used the e-mail address is important.



The application of tariff quotas to be covered in this Communiqué must submit the following documents and information fully and completely before the deadline. The submitted information and compliance with the original copies of the documents and the applicant is responsible for the accuracy.

1- The applicant firm to represent and bind the Application Form signed by an authorized representative or representatives (I-2)

2- Trade name, written declaration of the trade register number and register the trade registry office name (Company Statement 1/10/2003 before the date of the original company published in the Trade Registry Gazette of Turkey takes place where the trade register of contracts or the Ministry of Trade (General Directorate of Imports) approved e.g., The original title of the later trade gazette of the current situation or address changes or if done by the Ministry of Commerce (General Directorate of Imports) certified copy

3- Production of raw materials or intermediate products used in the article containing the amount of detail and issued to the applicant company connected to the current capacity report the current trade and / or sanctioned by by industry chamber

4- proforma invoice / invoices for goods imports made under an import license

5- This Communiqué Annex linda special recognition from the company that made the import of goods on the lists, for these imports 2016, 2017 and 2018 of the year, separately and prepared in accordance with the following examples for each year, It has been approved by certified public accountants, customs declaration summary table

6- Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant, depending on where it is available from the Chamber and activities as of the date the application form (A-4)

Summary Table Example customs declarations

Just ……………….. From the tariff statistical position (GTP) The scope of "........................... (Annex 1 to the area of ​​said GTP-specific definitions) …………………………….. "Defined material imports amount of shows.

Company name:
Company Tax ID:
sequence No. Declaration Quantity (Piece) Invoice
Number Historical Its number Historical

The information shown in the above table, above the title and number of taxes that belong to the company, and I confirm the accuracy of. (CPA Annual Document is attached to the table).

Chartered Accountant


Annual Form Example

History: …./…./…….

Below the title and registration numbers indicated on the company's application, the company's accounting records and the information contained has been reached concerning the activities of the company as a result of examination of the other related documents, joint legal responsibility for the consequences if such information is accurate and the information to be accurate and severally accept that we are responsible and we are committed.

Contact Person / Persons CPA Name
Name and surname, Title Seal
Signature and Stamp(l) Signature and Stamp

1- Tariff Quota Allocation Request Information on the Company Found
Company name(2)
Address(2) and Phone / Fax Number
Tax Administration and Tax Registration Number / T. C. Identification number
Directorate of Insurance and Insurance Registry Number
2- It builds a Certified Public Accountant's Review
Name and surname
Bed and affiliated to the Registration Number
Addresses and Phone / Fax Number
3- Firmanın Talep Konusu Maddenin Tüketim Faaliyetine ilişkin Bilgiler
2016 2017 2018
Consumption Capacity (Your)
Fiili Sarfiyatı (Your)
4- Firmanın Üretim Faaliyetine İlişkin Bilgiler
Talep konusu Madde Kullanılarak
Üretilen Ürünün Adı(3)
2016 2017 2018
Üretilen Ürünün Üretim Kapasitesi (Your)
Üretilen Ürün Miktarı (Your)


(1) represent and bind the company must be signed by an authorized representative or representatives.

(2) Firmanın Ticaret Sicil Gazetesi’nde veya Esnaf ve Sanatkârlar Sicil Gazetesi’nde yer alan unvanının ve adresinin tam olarak yazılması gerekmektedir.

(3) Talep konusu madde kullanılarak üretimi gerçekleştirilen birden fazla ürün olması durumunda, The fourth part is required for each product to be filled.