Presidential system of government that is being reconstructed within the scope holds an important place in the public administration system consisting of expertise and career 2010 Public Experts Platform, founded in 2006 with the participation of five specialist associations, the number of member associations reached 12, re-established. European Union Experts Association, Prime Ministry Experts Association, Environment and Forestry Experts Association, State Revenue Experts Association, Energy and Natural Resources Experts Association, Customs and Trade Experts Association, Treasury Experts Association, Public Procurement Experts Association, Culture and Tourism Experts Association, Association of Finance Experts, The officials of the Platform, which was established with the participation of the Social Security Experts Association and the Legislative Experts Association, stated that they already represent thousands of career experts., In the coming period, it is stated that their mission is to contribute to public administration in the Presidential government system with the roles that can be assumed against bureaucratic oligarchy in the process of building new public administration, and to serve the professional development of career experts as a stakeholder at the center of this new public administration approach. It has.

Need 666 “Not privileged in the decree law process, we want justice ”, if necessary 2014 The Public Experts Platform, which contributed to the abandonment of the regulation by demanding the regulation not to be enacted in order to weaken the qualifications sought in career specialties, continues its activities as a civil society initiative within the framework of the new public management approach..