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T.C. Customs and Trade Ministry's "Black Gate Master Plan Preparation Project" is submitted additional information on writing.

Strategy Development Data Management and Coordination Agency's writings; Land customs gate of improving efficiency of customs procedures applied in improving the existing physical structure and our country's development in holds an important place in foreign trade and cooperation with neighboring countries in the facilitation of activities such as tourism and the studies he importance of execution in a manner coordinated with these countries, for this purpose
14.01.2017 date and 29948 published in the Official Gazette No. 2017 year investment program located in the Black Gate Master Plan Preparation Project in coordination with the Ministry of, literature in the preparation stage of the project master plan, site visits, stakeholder surveys / interviews and workshops as planned, contain detailed information about the project has been reported to be involved in additional document.

If your comments and suggestions about the project 06 June 2017 Tuesday until the end of our Association Kindly forwarded the email to.

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Black Gate Master Plan Preparation Project