Explanation : 2017/6 Import Protection Measures Related to the scope of the Communiqué No. 3907. Classified under tariff positions Statistics 78 mL / g. or more viscosity ones (polyethylene terephthalate) Interviews with the request for the extension of the duration of the safeguard measures on imports is being opened. CIF value of imports of the product concerned over the scope of current legislation %6,55 Additional Financial Liability application rate is the subject mentioned.

The Ministry of Economy:


MATTER 1 – (1) by domestic manufacturers 3907. classified under tariff positions Statistics "78 ml / g or more viscosity ones" (polyethylene terephthalate) request for extension of the protection measures being implemented by the Ministry of Economy on imports (Ministry) Directorate General of Imports (headquarters) It has been applied. The website of the Ministry of the non-confidential summary of the application in question (http://www.ekonomi.gov.tr) "Defense Trade Policy Tools" page located in "Safeguards / investigation" can be accessed from the link.

Preliminary examination

MATTER 2 – (1) Made in the preliminary examination, Imports of the subject product 2016 It increased in the year, it was determined that the unit price of imports during the review period remained below the domestic sales prices.

(2) In some of the domestic producers during the investigation it was determined that the deterioration in economic indicators.


MATTER 3 – (1) Evaluation Board in the Import Safeguards, subject to application of the import goods 8/6/2004 dated 25486 No. Regulation Official Gazette published Import Safeguards (Regulations) measures to protect the investigation under the provisions (investigation) Opening to the members attending the meeting decided unanimously.

Conducting the investigation

MATTER 4 – (1) Investigation, Carried out by the General Directorate within the scope of the relevant provisions of Regulation. All correspondence concerning the investigation done by the authorities listed below.

T.C. Ministry of Economy

General Directorate of Imports

Safeguards Office

Söğütözü Mah. 2176. Many. No: 63, 06530 Çankaya / ANKARA

Tel: (+90 312) 204 99 44 Fax: (+90 312) 212 86 33

Internet address: http://www.tpsa.gov.tr

E-Mail: korunma@ekonomi.gov.tr

The parties concerned

MATTER 5 – (1) Additional located in the "Related Parties Application Form" from the date of publication of this communique to the Directorate General within twenty days of filling out the senders are regarded as related parties under investigation.

Giving information and submission of views

MATTER 6 – (1) "Related Parties Application Form" and submit it 5 Article http to the sender within the specified time://Ithkorunma.ekonomi.gov.t address that can be accessed from the "Related Parties Questionnaire" can input the user name and password reported by the General Directorate. User name, "Related Parties Application Form" is defined as declared in the e-mail address. Interested parties, using the username and password reported "Related Party Information Form" from the date of publication of this communique are required to fill in an electronic environment within thirty days. "Related Party Information Form" to establish contacts with the General Directorate in connection with the filling is possible.

(2) Turkish made written and oral communication relating to the investigation. questionnaire and the answers to the related parties other than information that answers all, Belgian, opinions and demands must submit a written Turkish. Presented in a language other than Turkish response, information, Belgian, views and demands are ignored.

(3) The Ministry may require additional information and documents related deems it necessary.

The rest of the interested parties

MATTER 7 – (1) The parties concerned, If the rest of the requests orally "Related Party Application Form" and transmits to the competent authority by stating. Other announcements regarding the date and place of the investigation will be made public hearing meeting which will be held upon request 1 The Ministry stated in Article link will be posted on the website.


MATTER 8 – (1) The information given by the parties during the investigation Regulation 6 th according to the provisions set forth in article are considered confidential.

Omission of information or incorrect information be given

MATTER 9 –(1) Regulation 4 Third under Article, at any stage of the investigation by the General Directorate requested information can not be obtained within the prescribed time or hindered investigations into the understanding that the present investigation is made on the basis of data. General Directorate of information provided by relevant if it is determined that such information is not considered incorrect.

The duration of the investigation

MATTER 10 – (1) General Directorate of Investigation undertaken and completed within nine months. Where necessary, this period may be extended for six months.


MATTER 11 – (1) This Circular shall enter into force on the date of publication.


MATTER 12 – (1) Provisions of this Communiqué are executed by the Minister of Economy.



History / Date: …./…/….

(General Directorate of Imports)
Söğütözü Mah. 2176. Sk. No:63 06530 Çankaya / Ankara

Communiqué on Import Safeguard Measures (Communiqué No.: 2017/6) which was launched with the protection measures we would like to be considered as interested parties to the investigation. Reason for being Parties and other necessary information are given below. We submit the required information and. / We request to be accepted as an interested party to the safeguard investigation initiated with the Communique No 2017/6. Reason for being an interested party and other essential information are provided below.

Signature - Stamp / Signature – Seal
Name - Title / Name – Title

Title / Title:
Address / Address:
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Field of activity
(Mark /Please

[ ] Local Producers / Domestic Producer

[ ] Importer / Importer

[ ] Exporter/ Foreign Exporter

[ ] Other / Other (Please explain / Please explain)

Please explain the reason for being party to the investigation. / Please explain the reason for being an interested party to the investigation.
The date and place of performance Ministry's website (www.tpsa.gov.tr) Please fill in the following areas for the public hearing meeting, which will be announced. / Please mark for the hearing which will be held on the date and at the venue that will be announced on the web site of the Ministry. (www.tpsa.gov.tr)
[ ] We will attend as listeners only. / We will attend the hearing in the observer status.
[ ] We will present our views at the meeting. / We will present our views at the hearing.
[ ] We will attend the meeting. / We will not attend the hearing.
If you as an individual request please tick the box below to rest. /Please mark if individual hearing is preferred.
[ ] I demand as an individual recreation. /I’d like to be heard individually.
the names and titles of people who will participate in the meeting are as follows. / Names and titles of the participants are provided below.

Descriptions: This form can be downloaded from the internet address:. / This form can be downloaded from the internet address below.
www.ekonomi.gov.t the "Import", "Defense Trade Policy Tools", "Safeguards / Safeguards", "Investigations", "Polietilen Tereftalat"

English explanations on this form is the unofficial translation of the Turkish text of the answers given in Turkish gerekmektedir./ In this form, explanations in English are unoffıcial translation of the Turkish text, all replies to this Form are required to be submitted in Turkish.