Explanation : Free Zones Information System of the ready infrastructure and systemic HK completed installation will be done in what way the transactions in free zones.

Risk Management and Control General Directorate

Number :73421605-145
topic :Free Zones Information System (SEBIS)

03.01.2019 / 40177292

"Free Zone Information System" within the scope of ready infrastructure and systematic installation process is completed in the free zone shall be made as follows.


1. All commercial vehicles on entry and exit notifications to make entry and exit electronically to the free zones Free Zone Information System (SEBIS) carried out.

2. WISE from the free zone to the entry and exit declarations in order to ensure that the relevant customs authorities made out Sebis System is supplied password.

3. Sebis notice to be given out in relation to the input and output operations to free zones, At the request of eligible goods;

a. Furniture rights holders directly or indirectly by himself or a representative,

b. Forms Processing Free Zone (SBİF) and by the carrier of the goods provided that they have the necessary knowledge regarding the customs declaration,

commercial vehicles is done separately for each input or output which will make the Free Zone.


A. Forms Processing Free Zone

1. Free zone in relation to the goods to be made at the entrance or exit statement; instead of a customs declaration or customs declaration procedures to be followed if a document with the Free Zones Program in Computer Applications (SBBUP) through the Single Window System (TPS) 0961 e-document code application is done with SBİF.

2. Free Zones Law 8 pearl according to Article, fee 5000 US dollar or the Turkish lira and the money not exceeding optionally be subject to the export transactions for goods SBBUP Turkey originated through the Single Window System 0992 e-document code application is done with SBİF.

3. Related Free Zone Directorate approval process carried out by SBBUP 0992 and 0961 automatically e-document ID number will be assigned in relation to the Single Window System code sbif.

4. Single Window System SBİF obtained through the ID number not be made without the input and output notification on Sebis.

5. In free zones are foreign citizens from the companies which will make transactions without having a tax number defined our country, Number of potential tax receivables from related tax office in order to receive ID number via the TPS, The customs authorities of tax information through interrogation and transfer programs diagnostic system must be.

B. Customs Statutory Documents

1. Customs Law 155 under the fourth paragraph of the article providing the determination of the customs status of the goods placed in a free out TPS 1004 Customs Status Certificate application is done by e-document code.

2. Status SBİF customs document as related to the goods to be provided and the AT movement certificate said documents if present e-application stage; In the area of ​​supplementary information for the Customs Status Certificate "SBİF 1" , "AT 1" as a reference is generated for each document separately numbered. The reference is referred to the documents one by one selectively customs status, The number of SBİF and ATR document written under the title chosen.

3. Customs Certificate Status goods from abroad transit regime will be shipped to the provisions of the free trade zone within the framework of, Located in the information line of the e-document "Trade" in the "transit" option is selected and will be entered for the subject line "Diet Code" field again, "Transit" regime type is selected.

4. After the approval by the relevant customs authorities of the Customs Statute which created the document by e-document ID number on the TPS Sebis;

a. Transit declarations and TIR Carnet with the free zones referred to in the statement input and output in input and output operations.

b. Customs status documents referred to above is associated with that Sebis transit declaration or TIR carnet on, Sebis customs status is indicated on the document again how much of the content items to be taken out or taken in.

c. Customs Status Certificate received goods, giving a detailed statement will be placed in a free zone or free zone will be removed from the WISE system on a detailed tax declarations and documents display ID number / line is no opening statement.

d. Detailed customs declaration used in the Statute of how the document will actually be inserted or removed from the free zone to free zone, also referred to in the free zone entry or exit declaration. Detailed tax declarations and documents referred to in the Customs Status Document screen is automatically associated with detailed statements on Sebis.

e. Free zone transit declaration, TIR Carnet or covered by an export declaration of the goods taken out of the free zone of the portion in free circulation 4010 regime with the case of import declaration code and entering the code in said import declaration SBSD exemption; 4010 Customs regimes code referred to in the document closes with the Statute of the output of all goods in free circulation on the TPS.

f. Customs status of goods if the document is available after you enter a free zone, The ID number of the document in question, Please login or completion of the relevant customs offices on the exit statement Sebis added by users with administrative authority fixes.

g. (e) referred to in paragraph 4010 import customs declaration regimes closed status using the document can not be subject to another import declaration.

C. Customs declarations

1. Free regime of export goods to be brought within the scope of the case, Input operations are performed as follows;

a. The process will be free of physical infrastructure, which does not allow the export declaration is made within the free zone of inspection and control procedures;

i) Given the export declaration, Received via the TPS 0961 e-document coded ID number sbif; Detailed Statement Items module, tax documents and display the ID / line referred to in the declaration specifying the number.

ii) The customs free zone outside the field will be determined by the customs authorities brought the goods covered by the export declaration and registration of goods under customs supervision of the export declaration was approved by the system and "checked out" status progresses.

iii) Inspection and control procedures in the field of customs declarations completed outside the free zone "may be" brought to status.

iv) free entry of notifications through Sebis regulated for export declarations may be coming to Exit status.

v) (ii) optionally for the goods referred to in paragraph, statüdeyk the export declaration may be checked at the entrance notification via Sebis. However, this could result in the export declaration for the approval of the entrance and status notifications must arrive.

b. Transactions physical infrastructure of a free zone in which to do that if it is allowed to be free of inspection and control procedures;

i) Given the export declaration, Received via the TPS 0961 e-document coded ID number sbif; Detailed Statement Items module, tax documents and display the ID / line referred to in the declaration specifying the number.

ii) Customs office tactics export declarations to be determined outside of the scope of free goods brought.

iii) After the contents of the export declaration of the goods in question be approved by the court system was registered in the export declaration and "checked out" status progresses.

iv) Free Zones free zone entry through the Information System for notification status checked from export declarations are issued.

v) Export declaration of the goods covered by the inspection and control operations are completed within the free zone.

2. output operations to be issued in case of goods covered by the import regime of free zones is done as follows;

a. TPS received through the issuing of import declaration 0961 sbif coded e-document ID number of tax returns and documents on display ID / line number indicating referred.

b. Made inspection control procedures for the import declaration and notification is given out over Sebis.

c. It must be completed customs procedures for import declaration to be approved for the exit statement issued on Sebis

d. Free Zones with the ID number held up for SBİF carried out SBBUP with regard to trade between Turkey and used in only a declaration, but connected to a plurality of return SBİF.

D. Transit declarations and TIR Carnets

1. Free Trade Zone within the scope of the transit declaration or TIR Carnet in case of the need to bring goods from abroad within the framework of the provisions of the transit regime, Operations on Sebis is carried out as follows;

a. NCTS Practice on free movement of cheap registered in the scope of advancing the status of a transit declaration to the customs authorities eşyaiç out REL_TR completed transactions in TPS 0961 e-document ID number is referenced coded SBİF.

b. SBİF ID was used to obtain the input notification is made on the return transit to the goods covered Sebis.

c. VOLETE-1 completed TIR of operation referred to the goods covered over SBBUP 0961 e-documents coded input notification is given through Sebis taking SBİF.

d. Transit declarations and TR association with these declarations are provided for items to be introduced within the scope of sbif Ratings are made on the input indication during administration Sebis.

2. Free Trade Zone within the scope of the transit declaration or Carnet TIR transit regime with the provisions of goods within the framework of the case to be removed, Operations on Sebis is carried out as follows;

a. Motion customs authorities of the transit declaration and release of Tor exit notice on Sebis Carnets for goods to be transported within the scope of regulated.

b. The customs authorities to grant the motion on the output notification of the transit declaration which Sebis free zone, Implementation of the NCTS transit declaration to be progressed to CTR_DEC status and must be taken of the MRN number.

However, movement of the transit declaration to be approved by the surveillance officer of the customs authorities of the release of the completed transaction output operations must have come to REL_TR status.

D. Summary Statements

1. Customs Law 159 a free zone directly from outside the customs territory of Turkey or a free zone directly from Turkey summary declaration will be granted for goods from the Customs Territory in accordance with the provisions of the third paragraph of Article.

2. Free of the process for bringing goods directly from outside the customs territory of Turkey is done as follows;

a. summary declaration shall be registered for goods to be brought directly into a free zone.

b. 0961 A-coded document summary declaration for the goods to be brought within the scope of free SBİF ID number is provided via the TPS.

c. Sebis you are out of the scope of the declaration for entry summary declaration has been registered in the status of goods.

d. a summary declaration has been registered in the status of, The realization of the free zone and the actual import of completed transactions in order to give notice of arrival of the input field on Sebis approval and must also be approved in the status of a summary declaration.

e. The amount of the entry summary declarations amount pop-up notifications on the Sebis, summary declaration is closed when the free zone are completed for summary declaration and the declaration when it reaches full summary.

3. Turkey free zone directly from outside the customs territory of the process for removal of goods is made as provided below;

a. summary declaration shall be registered directly for the goods to be removed from the free zone.

b. 0961 A-coded document covered by a summary declaration for the goods to be removed from the free zone SBİF ID number is provided via the TPS.

4. SBİF Sebis pairings are made out of a free zone directly from outside the customs territory of Turkey or a free zone directly from Turkey will be the summary declaration for goods outside the Customs Territory.

E. Oral declarations Forms

1. repair free zone, maintenance, repair scope for temporarily entering or exiting the goods free of customs legislation in cases should be given verbal declaration form, WISE detailed statement taken out of the system TCGB number of add on options added to the system Sebis.

2. Oral declaration form with SBİF received for the goods covered by WISE taken out of the system is matched by verbal declaration form referred to above Sebis.


A. Issuance of Free Zone Notification Log

1. Our Ministry of e-transactions with a login password WISE located under the Applications menu entry notification is generated Sebis.

2. The introduction of the reasons specified below for the appropriate notification will be given free zone in the direction of entry is selected;

a. In order to check the installation Log

b. Partial Discharge - Car Found In Multiple Declaration Scope of goods from Free Zone Emptying the only one Part

c. Transit goods brought from abroad within the scope of the Free Zone (Or NCTS TIR Carnet)

d. Goods brought within the scope of the Export Free Zone Regime

e. Goods brought from abroad within the scope of the Free Zone Summary Declaration

f. Shipment of goods from Free Zone Free Zone

g. Free Zone 5.000 Supplies and Material Asset Income USD and six to

h. Packaging Materials, Vessels and Other Equipments Brought to Temporarily Free Zone

i. Goods brought within the scope of the Free Zone Sample

j. Repair, Bringing Context Free Zone Furniture Care and Repair Operations

k. Partial installation - another Customs Administration as full of enthusiasm for incoming goods from the Free Zone Loading Tools

l. Chandler - Earning rations to the Free Zone Vessel Arrivals

m. Solid Waste Disposal of goods or to be brought to the Free Zone

3. Sebis on entry which will be given notification "Customs" and "Custom Fields" is selected.

4. Input tool that will make the load status is indicated on the statement and whether it is commercial.

5. Log in to do that again if vehicles and other vehicles with which to log in to the free zone in question, information system is added separately to the plate for the trailer and semi-trailer.

6. number of containers in the presence of containers with tools that will be subject to the entry process also is declared.

7. Sebis on documents required for goods subject to entry operations are defined as follows, said ID number for selecting a document type to the document according to the preamble processing, declaration or registration number will be added to Sebis.

a. Add SBİF

b. 5.000 Six USD Add SBİF

c. Add TCGB

d. Add NCTS (Transit Declaration)

e. Add a TIR Carnet

f. Add Summary Declaration

g. Customs Statute Add Document

h. Add other document

8. 7 Article in (h) specified in subparagraph "Add Other Document" option, entry only reason 2 Article in (k) Why in item becomes active when the selected system.

9. "Add Other Document" option under, Situated only free zone in boşaltılmayıp propelled vehicles that enter the free zone transit declaration, which will go on, It is declared without notice at the entrance SBİF.

10. 7 Article in (b) Located in subparagraph 5.000 Add USD and is only six treatment option that can be selected in the input notification is not required for inclusion in the customs declaration said sbif.

11. 7 Article in (b) Located in subparagraph 5.000 Add the USD and only six process options 0992 TPS e-document is declared coded sbif.

12. 7 Article in (a) Add a customs declaration in the case of selecting the option in paragraph SBİF, Instead of summary declaration or customs declaration has to be added to the document's introduction notification.

13. sbif which will be added to the input and Customs notification regarding the status received over documents related to the TPS Documents 23 digit ID number is written. In this case the profile of said document automatically drawn out of the TPS Sebis.

14. Sebis the ID number with regard to the calling e-document; company name and tax number, It consists of a main line that contains the document ID number and document name.

15. E-document information of said e-document all line appears on Sebis clicked hovering over the main line.

16. E- ID number of the document line line, line sequence number, Total quantity, unit amount, total amount, currency type, gTip, type of goods and country of origin information is automatically taken out of the Single Window System.

17. Located on the document lines "attached document" information, sbif is connected to which document that contains information about.

18. Located on the document rows "drop amount" information, It said e-document contains information about how much of that turned on Sebis.

19. Located on the line of the document can be "closed" amount of, e- The goods covered by the document was actually taken in a free zone or Sebis out how much of the amount of information that shows how removed.

20. The amount of space that can be closed, in tools that made the entry or exit declaration, said e-document of how the actual scope of the article to be removed from a free zone or free of that amount to be taken up process is performed.

21. called to the ID number on Sebis- all lines of a document at one time, free zone to be inserted or removed from the free zone is to be located on the screen in the same vehicle notification "of all Satısı Open" by pressing the button "You used all of the available" section is marked. In this case, In the process opens to e said all lines of the document entry or exit notice and will be removed from the free zone at one time or free zone.

22. All amounts in the document line drop E- or is directly taken in the document at once taken out from the goods covered forgone, making corrections yet been approved by the customs authorities on notice that "the amount of the pen Select" button on the button- It can also be opened on the basis of the document line.

23. 7 Article in (c), (d) and (e) statements concerning the number of species contained in the declaration of customs declarations adding me to the entrance and exit notification, summary declaration number, MRN number or information regarding the TIR Carnet number written statement said the system is verified electronically.

24. Free zones will be made at each input or output statement 0961 A declaration is done by adding attribution information document for the document coded SBİF.

25. 0961 An e-document is coded sbif, WISE System on the case be referred to an export or import declaration, Declaration which said sbif the referred number e- Located on the document lines "attached document" will automatically appear in column.

26. 0961 An e-document is coded sbif, a transit declaration, TIR Carnet scope statement or summary of the case will be taken to the free zone, After the referred information on the said declaration statement to which the goods covered by Sebis the SBİF be free zone or is removed from the free zone "associate additional document" operation is determined upon.

27. E-customs declaration all lines of a document, TIR Carnet or authorization process can be associated with some of the lines in the transit declaration with the declaration can be made separately.

28. 7 Article in (c), (d ) and (e) Located types of input and output notification to declare adding Located on Sebis Is part of me "yes / no" questions; In case the goods will gradually enter into a free zone or free zone that will be the first vehicle in the statement for "yes" to the last vehicle "no" answer is given.

B. Issuance of Free Zones in the Exit Statement

1. The introduction of the reasons specified below for the appropriate notification will be given direction out of the free zone is selected;

a. Check out the Free Zone

b. Removing items from the Summary Report Scope Free Zone

c. Shipment of goods from Free Zones abroad (NCTS, TIR Carnet and Output Statement)

d. Import Realization region free from Turkey

e. Shipment of goods from Free Zone Free Zone

f. Temporarily Free Zone received Packaging Materials, Vessels and Other

Removing the Free Zone Equipments

g. Removing items from the sample Context Free Zone

h. Repair, Removing items from the Free Zone Maintenance and Repair Scope of Operations

i. Solid Waste Removal from the free zone or the goods will be destroyed

j. Partial installation - from another Customs propelled vehicle as full Arrivals, Upload Tool and the subsequent release of the goods in the region of goods from Free Zone Extraction

k. Partial Discharge Tested Tool Output - Free Zone in Log in Vehicle Coverage items found Multiple Declaration discharged from the Free Zone to other items Inhibition of only a portion of the Referral

2. The reasons to depart from the free zones in vehicles as 1 The article (k) in item option, if selected, the partial discharge; III. Log Notification Area Chapter a.serbest the bottom of the seventh when granting title MEDD (h) under item "add other documents" option is activated. Other documents with the option to add outbound transit declaration on referral from the free zone is added to the system without SBİF.

3. Creating a free trade zone exit statement III. Log Notification Area Chapter a.serbest located under the heading of Giving 3 ila 7 and 11 ila 28 nc procedure according to Article.

C. Issuance of the Entry and Exit Notification Partial Transportation

Free Zone operations in case of multiple rights holders of the goods contained in the vehicle entry or exit will be done as follows;

1. Transaction direction, license plate number and operations eligible for each of the goods covered by multiple declarations in the same car with the same Customs Administration, which will be made available at registration statement relating to their belongings.

2. If there each eligible item belonging to different rights holders in the same amount of transit declarations can be found in SBİF until notification of entry or exit their belongings.

3. At the same transit declaration in relation to goods belonging to different eligible entry or exit notifications creating; The number of containers corresponding to sbif of the transit declaration is written in a pen system.

4. Separate owners deserve the same input or output direction of the notifications for the same vehicle; direction guards the entrance to the free zone, The output from the direction of the free zones are combined by selecting the notification number on the surveillance officer Sebis.

5. Storage or incorporated by surveillance officers notification of entry or exit, Maintained at the entrance to the field of free zones with officers giving input confirmation, The exit from the free zone will be given by probation worker takes a single registration number of the approval process.

6. made a statement on the merge process Sebis different notification number atanıl also connected to the same registration number can be reached via registration number of the notification can be made by separately questioning.


Free zones in which the goods covered by the entry and exit notifications via Sebis input and output devices in the field input and output operations are performed as indicated below by the relevant officers.

A. Issuance of Input and Output Fields Confirmation

1. Free entry and exit of the field approvals, input or output is given by the approval by the relevant guards electronically notif.

2. Course entry and exit notifications to be approved, Sebis on the "Login Notifications Tab" in the notification numbers with visible or can be called directly by making the input or output via the vehicle's license plate interlocutor statement.

3. Free entry direction of, a registration number entry field if given the approval by the relevant officer maintained by the system to login notification occurs approval process assigned.

4. In the presence of only notification to the entrance of their belongings Course entry to be eligible goods in more than one tool to do and, optionally, each rights holder, maintaining a full time on-site to confirm the input of a single officer of the combined statement is issued and the registration number assigned to the said notifications.

5. Storage field officers entry to the approval of the issuance of corrective action on stage made up notifications.

6. it is understood that the information is inaccurate or drop in the input notification e-documents, customs declarations, etc.. input indication officer maintained by reversible if it is understood that other quantities erroneous opening.

7. Storage officer negated by the introduction notification related to the user's screen falls. "Rejected" Sebis statement is made over and over again after the necessary notification in status updates on entry.

8. Course entry housing officer scope statement approved by the entrance and goods vehicles, 5.000 If the USD and includes six operations forms of inspection officers are shipped to check out Sebis.

9. Course entry housing officer approved by the introduction notification coverage tools, If it contains goods subject to a customs declaration;

a. Said customs declaration is incomplete examination of the operations officer approval,

b. It said the probation officer completed the process of approval of the customs declaration, Shipped.

10. Direction from the free zones will be given out after the completion of customs formalities for notification, surveillance officers approved with the necessary controls.

11. Court approval of the statement approved by the probation worker housing officers are given out.

12. maintain full output in the field of free zones made out the check after the administration drop the necessary operations officer for e-documents takes place on the TPS.

13. the statement of the tools will check out if there could not be any reason, no registration empty fast exit out of Sebis tools for creating field appears in the output field may be granted.

14. There will be no free zone oversight will leave as a blank check for vehicles is sufficient to point out that only by court guards check out.

15. The tool appears in the field directly related to free zones "tools in the field" is made using query tab. license plate number on the vehicle appears on the Field, Type of vehicle, the field of entry and residence time in the field can be seen in the said inquiry screen.


1. Sebis direction entrance examination on the approval of a free zone 5.000 USD and controlling sbif taken for treatment to six officers will be made by the relevant examination.

2. 5.000 sbif received for six of the USD and can be made of the inspection process for approval, housing officer should be given approval by the court entrance.

3. 5.000 USD and six process if required information on the declared sbif officer examination is corrected on Sebis.


1. Entries are terminated with full approval of surveillance will be carried out in a free zone. Course entry direction can be maintained for surveillance officers check the vehicle in question must be granted by the field officers of the input confirmation.

2. Surveillance approval given before, customs declaration information regarding the status of approved vehicles and goods entry field, SBİF stamp information and information on the vehicle is confirmed by checking if there surveillance by officials.

3. If the results of surveillance officer checks detected any errors made by the approved entry process by making the necessary corrections.

4. Free entrance in the direction of transit declarations after the approval given by surveillance officers, TIR Carnet and taken to the summary declaration for the goods covered 0961 and the document coded sbif 5.000 USD and taken for six operations 0992 Single Window System from the drop takes place via coded sbif.

5. notifications in the direction out of the free zone approved by the surveillance officer before the field exit. In this case, a registration number is assigned automatically to the number of notifications on systems approved.

6. out of the free zone in the same direction means different things to have belongings to their owners and rights holders are notified by each separate output notification of the declaration is made by combining operations officer of the case be sent to the surveillance system.

7. Surveillance registration number to register a single combined output if given approval by the direction of officers assigned.


1. Export declarations on the completion of the transaction scope of the notice given to all the goods and then be free of virtually all of the goods in relation to the export declaration is made automatically grab and weight control on Sebis.

2. In order to be advanced to the closed status of the export declaration; Situated on probation worker by Sebis "export-off" tab on the export declaration number and calling the closure process are given export approval completed by selecting all of the entries notification. Container / weight information and the other controls the status of the export declaration, where appropriate, WISE will advance to the closed status on the System.

3. closed status of the closing date with the progress of the export declaration date is taken as the basis of the approval given by the probation officer for the login process.


1. And the output process completion notice of the entry referred to when using the entire amount sbif, said sbif sbbup notified to the ultimate usage information via web services.

2. Use of the reported information shutdown over SBBUP sbif Free Zones, Overseas Investment and Services Directorate General made.


1. Items eligible by filling in Sebis sent electronically to the customs authorities on entry or exit declaration, edited until accepted customs office.

2. Free zone in the input stage, The statement adopted by the customs authorities and can be corrected by means of general information fields guards the entrance area to give consent housing officer.

3. 5.000 USD six operations and free zone operations corrective actions related to forms declared made by the inspectors for examination at the stage of approval.

4. Located in the amount of free entry and exit notifications, container and other information can be corrected by surveillance officers to surveillance approval stage.

5. Regarding the free entry and exit zones notification upon completion of all operations have a correction if desired to apply to the application with Customs official. Customs deemed appropriate administrative authority of, All transactions are completed at an entry or exit notification can be initiated administrative corrections.

6. Correction drop on the approval of TPS on the amount to be refunded in case of Sebis related document made line. e added with administrative corrections- the declaration or document, Depending on the type of the associated document on Sebis, The transaction completed and the necessary reduction in termination of the administrative fix is ​​done.


1. Sebis customs office which processes over the following information can be queried.

a. The total amount of exports to the Free Zone,

b. The total amount of imports carried out from the Free Zone in Turkey,

c. Free Zone from a third country carried out the total amount,

d. Free Zones in Turkey that the total amount of transit trade carried out via the Customs Territory,

e. The total amount of transit trade carried out from the Free Zone Customs Territory of Turkey,

f. The number of vehicles entering the free zone output, distribution and pitch according to the process of waiting vehicles interrogation vehicle types,

Carried out Sebis.

2. Free zones on the basis of SBİF, detailed declaration, NCTS, Summary Declaration and the TIR Carnet number is taken out Sebis. Free of input and output operations that are subject to the customs declaration amount directly related to e-documents is carried out Sebis.

Information received and I would ask that the execution of transactions in the manner described above.

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