Explanation : 2017 / 10345 Import Regime Decree No. Decree on the addition to the scope of the resolution Amendment 2016/9548 without additional customs duties by the Decision 6601.99 Additional customs duty rate applied to least developed countries situated in the position umbrellas and garden umbrellas %10 and %20 was raised to detail is available on our link.

Number of Decisions: 2017/10345

Attached "Decree on the additional resolution Amendment Import Regime Decree" in the enforcement; Ministry of Economy 28/4/2017 dated 41523 No. writings on, 20/2/1930 dated 1567 Law No. 1 inch, 14/5/1964 dated 474 Law No. 2 th, 6/5/1986 dated 3283 Law No. 2 th, 27/10/1999 dated 4458 Law No. 16 th, 22 Third and 55 Article with 2/2/1984 dated 2976 According to the provisions of Law No., Council of Ministers 29/5/2017 It has agreed on.


MATTER 1- 21/11/2016 dated 2016/9548 Cabinet Decision No. Import Regime Decree entered into force with the additional space and the decision to place tariffs Position in the attached table (G.T.P.) Additional import duties to be applied in the name of the specified ingredients and ratios were changed as follows:.

1 2 3 4 8
5 6 7
6601.99 Others 0 0 0 20 20 20 20
*countries and groups of countries in the additional customs duty column:
1: EU Member Countries, EFTA Member Countries, israil, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fas, West Bank and Gaza Strip, Tunisian, Egypt, Georgia, Albania, Jordan, Chile, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosova, Morityus, Moldova 2: South Korea; 3: Malaysia; 4: Generalized System of Preferences will benefit from the Group of States, 5: Least Developed Countries, 6: Countries will benefit from the Special Incentive Arrangement, 7: Towards the Development Countries, 8: Other countries.

MATTER 2- In the same decision the temporary 1 Article is amended as follows:.

"TEMPORARY TOPIC 1- (1) This Decision before the date of the publication of a transport document customs declaration for the import of goods which made the installation arranged to be shipped to Turkey from the date of publication of this Decision at the latest 45 day in the framework of the customs legislation have been registered or if granted summary declaration, This Decision shall not apply in the collection of the additional customs duty. "

MATTER 3- From the date of publication of this Decision 1 With the proviso referenced in months; 2 Article was collected as related to the goods covered changes made by adding any taxes, tariffs and taxes arising from, and levies; The principles and procedures for the refund of customs duties shall be returned to duty within the framework of.

TEMPORARY TOPIC 1- a transport document to be shipped to Turkey before the date of publication of this Decision, which made arranging installation 1 for the import of goods under the customs declaration Article from the date of publication of this Decision at the latest 45 Within the framework of the customs legislation or registered day in case of summary declaration, this Decision by the collection of additional customs duty rates applied.

MATTER 4- This Decision 2 Article 8/12/2016 Since the date of publication to be valid, Enters into force on the date of publication of other substances.

MATTER 5- This Decision shall be enforced by the Minister of Economy.

Official Gazette of the publication of the Council of Ministers
Historical Number
8/12/2016 29912