The oldest method of transportation with road transport used by mankind, Imports and exports of our country is of great importance, Following types of maritime transport between takes second place. 2017 The total held in 157.055 million dollar our exports 45.835 million dollars and total 233.792 million dollars of our imports 37.801 million dollars was realized by road. exports of goods by road, fast and effective operation of the customs authorities in the border import and transit, The time to reach consumers transported goods, The development of foreign trade and 2023 It is very important in terms of achieving their goals.

The modernization of customs gates in our country has become a state policy in the early 2000s. Our country already 30 Also available land border gate and them 18 of them serves as an active land borders. This is our border gates 12 Build-Operate-Transfer model of them have been modernized. the scope of the modernization; administrative and commercial buildings, input-output control units, search for hangars, smuggled goods stores, peronlar, scales, Tor was built social facilities and parking areas. As well as many process has been transferred to electronic media, Provided done faster and more efficiently the risk analysis of customs procedures. Thanks to the modernization of Turkey made significant improvements also were seen to input-output operations. For example Kapıkule EN Customs Directorate, The average waiting time for entering Turkey 1 time 37 from the minute, 1 time 3 minutes until reduced 30 a gain on the minutes provided, the output 3 transactions that occur while on the clock 1 time 10 and reduced up to minutes range 2 a gain is provided on the clock.

Kapıkule's Land Border Gate 2012 in the year 1.344.532 input-output means has. Bu rakam 2017 in the year 1.739.380 tools and our country rose to 25.5% of the input-output operation of the vehicles that were carried out door-mentioned land border. also, Kapıkule's Land Border Gate 2012 in the year 4.158.320 passenger entry is logged-out, bu rakam 2017 in the year 5.008.826 Increased passenger. using the land border entry-exit door in our country, 20.2% of passengers who used the said border crossings. Kapıkule As can be seen from the above statistical information on Land Border Gate is among the most important border crossing point in our country. The customs authorities at border crossings due to the improvements in waiting times despite being reduced "long border crossing TR tail" is located in the headlines in the media from time to time. Especially Kapıkule Land Border Gate TR tails the subject of news reports prepared by various organizations and is.

International Freight Forwarders Association (AND) commissioned by the Kapitan Andreevo Border Crossing Improvement According to the Final Report of the Transition; 2016 in the year, the year 69 day in terms of exports 11 It has been on the queue km of. TR TR parking is overflowing out of the tail 142 It was day. Year only 79 TR tail was observed at day. TR tail end of the year the average output direction 5 Has been km. Only last week Referring to the direction of the output queue TR 7,5 it is stated that the rise kms.

Kapıkule Land Border Gate was the cause of intensity we will look briefly, firstly against our country, which is the gateway to our Bulgaria's Kapitan Andreevo experienced in the technique, cessation or interruption of work due to other problems related to infrastructure and personnel exit. Experienced periods can not be done because of problems in our country, said Tor output and causes density limits in this case. Kapıkule Land Border Gate to the output of the biasing means certain days of T is the second largest problem. Black Friday the busiest days of the Kapitan Andreevo Border Crossing, Saturday and Sunday where, As the number of years the output can be determined clearly by examining. This situation, the export transactions of traders and are often caused by the realization of the final days of the week as a habit. Carrier companies by both Kapıkule TR week was focused on certain days due to the Customs Directorate and the Bulgarian customs authorities is unavoidable although work at full capacity even tail. Kapitan Andreevo Border Crossing Final Report on Improving the Transition detailed in EN place was given to considerations that led to the formation of the tail. the report, a truck's tail or T is the period of transition until the entry into the Bulgarian side of the park as average 13,7 Where h, Only this time 15 It is stated that minutes of the official process. In the density is located in the land border gates as the third cause of our field stands out against gas stations. Export installed in trucks with tarpaulin vehicles 900 litre, In refrigerated vehicles 1.800 liter excise duty is carried out until fuel purchases, vehicle type (frigorifik, tilt) and shape of the fuel tank (filtered / unfiltered) time varies by fuel purchases. this time 20-35 Although this time the old filter tank cars vary from minutes 1 h stands out. But, also you need to enter a separate order to get the vehicle's fuel. The waiting time on the field for fuel transactions on busy days 4-6 It is known that time is now. waiting time at customs are taken into account as in the field of fuel to get all customs formalities have been completed, although. Also waiting for fuel can also prevent other transactions from time to time. Kapıkule EN Customs Directorate 24 h is working on the basis of, The average of the image processing performed by the customs office, as indicated in the report 15 It is understood that minutes. The report recommends several solutions in question is also made simulation, The greatest effect in reducing the density was determined to create an improved capacity of the Bulgarian side.

increasing the volume of trade and our country 2023 When considering targets to avoid increasing the capacity of the customs administrations TR tail and the expansion of the field, It is obvious solutions, such as increasing the number of civil servants will only save the day. Earlier studies and projects could not be permanent due to increased business volumes over time. Therefore, the customs authorities should get more from technology. Developed by the company goswift, Estonia's pre-reservation application applied at the border crossing, which borders with Russia and Lithuania proved that the solution lies in the technology of T tail.

On average the annual migration tools 600.000'n being from Estonia to Russia every year and this figure %10 is meant increased. This means the formation of tailbacks during the transition and in this case to prevent the tail of the Electronic Frontier lead to various problems due to improved application Queue, 2010 year in and made changes in national legislation 2011 Electronic Frontier tail of the month at the border Estonia and Russia in August has been implemented in practice. Through the application of border crossings had more time can be followed, minimized queues at the border, increased quality of service in customs administrations. also, security problems caused by queues formed at the border, environmental pollution and prevent the loss of time.

Car, motorcycle, small commercial vehicle, bus, TIR trucks and vehicles to the border customs office to report the date on which point out what time will advance on the internet. The system is designed according to the processing capacity of the customs administration, According to the applicants to indicate the intensity of the current capacity of the customs administration. If the capacity is full, the system does not allow for reservation.

The system also includes driver and vehicle information is entered. Reservation fee only 1,5 It is taken €, According to the customs authorities of the border area added to the expected duration of the parking fee is charged recently built. Every vehicle entering the parking area has been enforced. According to the expected duration of parking space fees it has increased the importance of making more precise than the reservation to be paid in vehicles. Tools for every time of booking 3 It can make changes up to the maximum of three hours ago. Learn refund of the booking fee for cancellations of bookings to be made in order to avoid the unnecessary, Different methods have been identified as being partially refundable.

vehicles entering the parking area, Following the license plate on electronic signage is going to make customs procedures on the border crossings. If the parking area is the established social facilities to be used by car drivers, the waiting queue of vehicles and drivers are provided in a safe manner. This practice in our country, the biggest difference TR parking vehicles from the customs authorities via the Internet without taking further action as is. Thus,, both in commercial and private vehicles can plan their trip according to the intensity of the customs authorities.


Estonia, for example in case of a similar application in our country implement, moving vehicle, which will go to our land border crossings by completing the process in customs administrations, It can be set off by the intensity of the land border gates, time spent on the road will be able to plan accordingly, even the customs authorities will be able to choose accordingly performs the output process. Thus,, tailbacks will be minimized, The theft happened while waiting, Adverse events such as cases of illegal immigrants will be reduced. The most important advantages in terms of cost carrier application is to be reduced.

the benefits of electronic carriers as well as their application as well as the customs authorities are expected to provide great benefits. Through the application of customs officers according to their place of employment density ratio, permit conditions and will be able to set up the working hours.

Many of customs procedures have elektronikleştiril, information on computers that were shared with other customs administrations and tucked up with the times for our country even though there are many tasks to be done in terms of fit. New Silk Road Project to take an important place in, Tenth Five-Year Development Plan to achieve their goals, the simplification of customs procedures in order to bring order to our country at the top LPI index, Facilitate and time must be shortened.



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1989 Born in Manisa. 2013 In Bilkent University and graduated from the Department of International Relations. 2014 In Customs and customs still began his duties as Assistant General Directorate of Commerce continues as the Tar Condominium Customs and Trade Expert. Fluent in English, He speaks Spanish at a basic level.