Ad Council, communication services, food, health, cosmetics and cleaning products, in many areas such as tourism advertising and deceptive, and deceptive in terms of providing the necessary on-site inspections of public and civil society stakeholders are hosting a structure different origin. with significant market share and constantly renewing itself and developing the communications industry with global developments in Turkey, 4.5With the introduction of GE technology in recent years have broadened their advertising investment. In this sense it is critical that consumers control the most accurate and honest manner ads to protect the reputation of the companies in the commercial life of about 4.5g information and technology sector. Ad Council on this issue, Information Technologies and Communications Authority and the protection of consumers' confidence in the company and should carry out a joint study.

Keywords: communications industry ads, Ad Council, 4.5G technology, consumer, GSM operators


commercial life where the competition is very high and sharp, Sales of goods and services, Increasing current sales to rise between competitors and / differences in order to create companies use advertising as an important tool. On the other hand, Consumers also have the intention to learn about the best way to buy goods and services (ÜREY, 2010, s: 3). The formation of the state where the responsibility for fair market environment and respecting the safety of consumer is to enable sustainable and obtain the correct information.

In this study, Advertising Council ads principles of integrity and honesty be presented considering the fundamental role in the matter and that only one of the various sectoral areas that are obliged to monitor the communication services ads are evaluated. 2015 Turkey's agenda since the 4.5g technology, Internet use in conjunction with this service and many other areas of the consumer waiting innovations, 4.5g and accurate information on consumer perceptions of consumers through their issues are discussed in these ads of GSM operators.

Advertising and Communication Sector Board's Role A Glance Ads

Deceptive, control systems have been generated against dishonest ads penalty and the various systems and methods are applied in the process of inspection of ads. In this context,, In order to evaluate our country of complaints about ads 1995 in the year 4077 No. Committee on Consumer Protection Kanun'n the ad was created by the entry into force. In the time, trade changing and diversifying forms have pointed out that consumers' rights must be protected in a way more careful than ever and the rule of law established for the protection of consumers in our country and the legislation was amended to the extent that respond to specific social needs. 28 In November 2013 the Official Gazette published, 28.05.2014 Date on which entered into force 6502 No. Law on Consumer Protection Board also referring to the importance of advertising and operating principles for the legislation was revised ad; more rigorous steps have been taken to protect consumers.

Compared with the old regulations outlining said that although the law substantially similar; By defining the commercial ads on the new regulations "disguised advertising" concept in defining taken under the provisions it is prohibited covert advertising, It is also to be limitations on the method to be followed in commercial ads and those ads are essentially determined by the regulation adjudged that (ANKARA BAR CONSUMER RIGHTS COMMITTEE, 2014, s: 144). The number of new laws in the Advertising Board members from 19 to 29 and reduced and reduced advertising will help the decision of the Board is stated to establish specialized sectoral commissions.

20 Over the past year while serving Ad Council, on behalf of the public who controls, The example of the rare public institutions and organizations in Turkey, In case of detection of deceptive or misleading advertising and promotions fix this ad, stop, a structure that imposes sanctions such as fines or administrative measures to stop. Commercial advertisements Advertise with the principles determined by the Council, public morality, Public order, according to personality rights, It is essential to be accurate and honest.

The second Tuesday of each month collected Advertising sectoral categorization of respondents communications services file on the Board, food, health, cosmetics and cleaning products, tourism, technology and consumer durables, Banks and insurance, covered, energy, tobacco and alcohol, education, other (more original and enter the classification listed above) Shaped sectors. This article focus on serving our country with many new services and communication sector 4.5g ads are seen benefits in the delivery of some of the statistical information related to the communication service ads when.

In this context, Commercial Advertising and Unfair Commercial Practices Directive 10.01.2015 date and 29232 No. published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

Table 1. Connect to the decision of the Ad Council Debates Communication Services Ads (2008-2015)

Year Interviewed on the agenda Violation of Absence Opposes found
Stop Penalty Area File Number Stop and Administrative Fines Area File Number, Quantity - TL
2008 40 15 9 16 (1.496.971,-TL)
2009 60 5 8 47 (5.316.000,-TL)
2010 84 11 19 54 (6.145.608,-TL)
2011 123 22 27 74 (9.436.181,-TL)
2012 88 22 33 33 (4.591.152,-TL)
2013 71 9 10 52 (6.615.441,-TL)
2014 79 31 9 39 (3.786.619,-TL)
2015 57 20 19 18 (2.376.375,-TL)

Referring to the above table, 2010-2011 year the number of files in communications services is discussed in the agenda at the highest level of ads, 2014 observed since seen a reduction is possible to say that the show. This reduction in the number of Assembly and voting results conducted by the applicable administrative monetary penalty in the amount of decrease in the number and, show that more positive outgoing draw a table on deceptive and fraudulent nature of the ads published by the industry. The grounds inside and outside the industry between self-regulation of advertising activities and communication firms exhibit more careful and attentive attitude before further considering the penalty imposed by the Board counted. stop advertising because the Board and implemented by administrative fine sanctions are only tangible result in terms of damage to the company, few in number but very strong player in a market such as that of the communications industry are negative consequences in terms of the business reputation of the company.

According to data of the Association of Advertising Agencies 2015 in the year, total, doubling the previous year 6.4 million advertising investment is made (RD, 2016). of Companies 2011 Since digital ad spending, television can be defined as traditional media tools, newspaper, front quickly passed, and the size of the television audience reach of the written press media in our country is an undeniable fact of magazine ads. Thus, television according to the same data 3.2 He again took first place among the investor and media per million. requirements of the advertising industry 2015 In 2014 both the previous year 'driving growth' as ​​defined contact area, build, finance / insurance and automotive has been (RD, 2016). Every day, television or in newspapers for ads running on different pages; The introduction of a new mobile phone, The comfortable living area offering a construction site or a bank is considered to be content with such ease that allows consumers to credit interest is clearly not coincidental that these results obtained from Statistics.

On the other hand, Turkey Statistical Institute in August 2015 Turkey and computer and Internet usage rates, according to data 16-74 individuals in this age group, respectively %54,8 and %55,9 has been. of individuals using the Internet outside the home and workplace 74.4% mobile phone to connect to the Internet wirelessly or using smartphone, %28,9'U portable computer (laptop, netbook, tablet vb.) It has used (TUİK, 2015). 2014 in the same period the proportion of individuals using mobile devices to access the internet of the year %58 Considering that, This 16% increase in the last year indicate that our country undergoes changes related to mobile phone use habits of consumers. Also again by TSI 2013 In performed and, 2014 In that report into "Youth in Statistics" According to the results of research in Turkey 16-24 70% of young people in the age range, 25-34 aged individuals use the internet also has been shown that 63% (TUİK, 2014). because of, All of these communication services company offering advertising and also illustrate the rationale of spending serious sums on media that reach the target audience and reveals that young people identified as the cause.

Communication services sector is mentioned, of course, comes to mind first mobile operator and the communication companies are offering fixed internet services. to say that the three companies who actively compete in this market in Turkey will not be wrong. The small number of firms and rather corporate nature of the firms have the awareness level of the brand in the eyes of consumers, increasing competition is also sharpening. Therefore, the three operators of all ages and new technologies aiming to reach consumers of all profiles are trying to promote in the best way.

4.5What will enter our lives G?

Bugün International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced (IMT-Advanced) The so-called fourth-generation telecommunication system, known as the technology in our country and 4.5g, 2G and is a continuation of 3G technology. Rapidly growing and is the name given to the first generation of digital mobile communication system developed to provide voice and SMS services through 2G mobile phones in the changing mobile communication technology. 3G is voice and SMS services via mobile phones as well as mobile data / internet service can also offer third-generation mobile communication system. 4.5G ise, fourth generation and with more fully developed and data-based network structure to provide high speed broadband services over mobile phones are the mobile communication system.

4G'ye Bağlı LTE (Long Term Evaluation Advanced) technology first in Japan (2004) NTT DoCoMo has been announced by the company. 5 year later 17.08.2009 the date of the first 4G test by the world's leading telecommunications companies Verizon; US tests between Boston and Seattle city have been successfully completed (T.C. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, 2013: s. 26). Telekomünikasyonda 4G, is a fourth generation wireless technology and GSM phones use a cellular network system as standard, and especially the coverage problem by waiting out in the third generation has been developed to solve some problems. Connection speeds on mobile phones 100 Mbps, In the Wi-Fi network 1 Gbps’dir. music albums can use most of the consumers about downloading data below, movie files and tools such as 3.5G, 4Thanks to GE technology and 4.5g located Statement can be downloaded in few seconds.

Turkish Telecommunications Inc.. Turkish Commercial Code Article 198 dominated by Avea Communication Services, and has become the sole owner of shares through the transfer of shares in accordance with. This transfer of shares by the Competition Authority 28.07.2015 in history 15-32/454-138 approved and it was decided to Turk Telekom Ave shares is permitted to acquire 100%. Turkish telecom, Because of the group also owns all of the shares of different companies operating in the telecommunications sector, the company has gone beyond the formation Ave. Thus, with the most media investment in mobile and fixed internet service provision basis in Turkey 4 big company (Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.Ş., Vodafone Telecommunications Inc., Avea Iletisim Hizmetleri AS. and the Turkish Telecommunications Inc.) while there, Competing in the post-merger market sharply 3 It said that large companies have.

Table 2. 3.5G, 4Data Download Time and 4.5g of GE Technology

Size 3.5G (HSPA +) 4G LTE 4.5G LTE-A
(43.2 Mbps) (150 Mpbs) (>=300 Mbps)
Music Album 50 MB 10 sn 2,5 sn 1,5 sn
DVD Film 3 GB 9 dk 160 sn 80 sn
File 10 MB 2 sn 0,5 sn 0,3 sn

Source: BTK, Date of access:18/04/2016.

Although, 5G service is not yet widely used in the world and some countries are preparing the ground for full use of the new 5G performing new tests though now a general acceptance is that too much investment to be done on a global scale 4G technology. In our country, this concept gesture, performed and a step ahead of last year's legislation instead of 5g of 4G services this year is expected to begin serving 4.5g pressed the button for the service. 4Following the recent changes on the S specification, 26.08.2015 Date of Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) by 4.5g IMT Advanced Services and Authorization Infrastructure Contracts Relating to been carried out and made the transition to 4.5g technology. 4.54G technology compared to G 2 Solid height over speeds are expected to be seen.

in Specification 10 Alteration

  • measures for the determination of the telecommunications sector as a strategic sector were taken.
  • The minimum requirement is 4.5g of new investments in infrastructure were brought.
  • 5G automatic right of passage to be provided.
  • respectively, according to the local content of the investment period %3, 8, 15’ten %30, 40, 45'E was removed.
  • R & D done, effective supervision and new processes were prepared.
  • SMEs must be provided with production in Turkey.
  • The newly built highway, and the tunnel will have to be taken under the scope of the high-speed train line.
  • The liability coverage in some areas to prevent waste of resources to be provided with infrastructure partners.
  • Mobile broadband frequencies allocated to new 5 Will be solid.
  • Mobile network with a new allocation of frequencies 3.5 To reach the floor (NATIONALITY, 2015).

Consumers What to pay attention?

4.5G technology; According much higher data rates than previous generations based on the foundation at any time, anywhere, his, and flowing mass of data can serve multiple users, also offering high resolution, by providing end to end IP solution. In other words,, 4.5G technology with mobile internet speed will increase at high rates, It can be downloaded large files in a much shorter time, much higher resolution video quality can be monitored and offered better quality communication can be established with wireless connectivity. 4.5communication between machines will be provided for high-speed and seamless connectivity with GE (M2M), the internet of objects (IoT), cloud computing, TV and internet protocol (IPTV), smart cities, even remotely be controlled robot technology will provide a number of issues such as developments in the use of tele-surgery and is expected to rise so that our quality of life.

Under the said contracts with three major operators also won the tender for the frequencies they made be authorized to provide services and 4.5g 01.04.2016 It is assumed that since offered to consumers. It is possible to say that the technology is compatible with 4.5g at the point we have reached today still compatible mobile phones and sim cards as the de facto owner offered to consumers 4.5g of service. 4.5To summarize what coverage is required for GA, 4.5D compatible devices, 4.5G compatible SIM card and phone profile (LT phone option should be chosen to 4.5g signal) As we can say the four basic prerequisites.

Hence, It has not yet begun to serve - April 2016 before the date - three major operators have started to play a variety of advertising campaigns. Advertising Board should rival firms and individual consumers of applications received as a result of the application were taken 4.5g ads also review comments were received from the three operators and related institutions.

Consumers are properly informed and at such a huge player in a market where conditions of unfair competition between firms at the highest speed at which the package in order to prevent the formation can be achieved BTK'dan, the highest rate under the tender offer the right package which will allow the operator gained, What kind of differences among the different packages that and all of the tendered package 01.04.2016 Google was asked to discuss whether already available. BTK's opinion on the issue is critical:

"The maximum speed that can be achieved in the presentation 4.5g; Topology implemented in the networks of operators, They use standard and frequency bands, weather conditions, subscriber numbers, traffic jam, The service area to reach a verdict in the hands of users supported by the technology of operator terminals and frequency and pitch speed may vary depending on many different parameters such as speed-specific experience and is considered to be able to specify " (BTK 24.12.2015 date and E.69630 No. opinion).

Ad Council 9 February 2016 date and 245 The three operators in the meeting dated 4.5g ads were interviewed simultaneously pursued a rigorous and consistent attitude in making decisions. The operator of one of the "fastest of the fastest" which they claimed to offer themselves again and specify a speed limit that is seen in numerical terms, He managed to establish another of the world's fastest fiber infrastructure and will establish the allegations were found to associate with the best network in Turkey 4.5g of this record. However, considering the opinion of the BTK Ad Council to reach a judgment about the speed on these ads, Performing the comparison between the carriers, and no specific speed, the speed has determined that it is not possible. Indeed, the number of subscribers per service area may differ from the base station data rate per subscriber, considering. In other words, Is more than the total bandwidth, Considering the amount of traffic and number of subscribers, That does not mean that it will increase the data rate subscribers, in the company of the ads make claims in this direction constitute unfair competition.

and the reference current at start up 6502 No. tkhk'n the most important in the return Contact Advertising Services Sectoral Committee within the Special Commission views on the issue starting from the BBC, given the location in ads "The world's fastest mobile internet" or "Turkey's highest speed and capacity usage rights"Such as statements of fact which reflects the direction of the right to use capacity for some operators[1], but it has been found within the framework of the tender made speed with directions will be presented in relation to 4.5G'y the highest submission rate facility in Turkey will not be concluded that the results given to the operators in an approach is that contrary to the legislation that filing claims such. Therefore, consumers are given in advertisements that claim to more carefully approached, no 'black box' could be considered the possible return of 4.5G'n and growth of infrastructure operators will develop over time and are better not take into account the widespread.

Indeed, another operator of the ads on the statements with 4.5G'n will be what floor the future of our lives have tried to be portrayed in an exaggerated language, but the Ad Council for the future from the date you will begin serving of 4.5g services in areas such as education and health will be a new technology and in the health sector with this service initiating a new practice of physicians treating patients remotely could instantly, It will consist of the creation of perceptions of equality in access to education for everyone; As evidence of future thought it was not possible for the moment exaggerations and consumers place in the administration were convinced that their ads are misleading.

T.C. Consumer Protection in the Ministry of Customs and Trade and the Market Surveillance Directorate General of consumers and the protection of the interests of firms operate as commercial life in order to not damage the protective regulations with misleading and deceptive statements in ads. The same DG also has a close interest in the subject of another work area with 4.5g subscription agreement. Namely, presented by operators of high-speed and high-quota tariff consumers may have with 4.5g are advised to choose according to their own user profile and needs of these packages. Consumers device which class said device for maximum speed level can take in while internet services (CAT4, CAT6 and CAT9) should note that the device. for example, CAT4U most devices 150 Mbps devices supporting CAT9 450 Supports Mbps internet speed (BTK, 2016: s.10-13). 4.5The rate of increase is projected to be together with G and therefore could run faster than their quota of subscribers. To avoid this context, the grievances of the consumers are required to carefully observe the use of the Internet. According to the BBC mobile Internet quota arrangements should be sent by post to subscribers and operators reaches 100% 80%.


As a result, The three major operators launched a campaign yet, and they are starting to offer services 1 They continue to intensively from April 4.5g advertising and promotion constitutes a perception in the eyes of consumers. This perception formed the, Advertising Board of the health of consumers as the prerequisite for tkhk' counted as a structure that promotes the public interest, trust and is responsible for overseeing the accuracy and integrity of publicity to protect the economic interests of. 4.5In the private sector the foot of the presentation G technology and a 'service provider' if communications firms in other words, need for speed GSM operators located at 4.5g ads, need coverage, correct in terms of both the promise and honest manner should communicate to consumers.

To show sensitivity in this regard would be made between companies which are likely to prevent the unfair competition conditions will minimize or. This is important both in terms of the direction to be shared by both the commercial reputation of the operator's innovation sector is expected to occur in the long term the most accurate and innovative steps in their public.

All these cases were brought by one of the recommendations of the study in the light of Ad Council, Information Technologies and Communications Authority communications companies and is jointly undertake a study. In this way 4.5g of services that is exactly what, What the consumer in the short term and in the long run will provide, On issues such as the need to be careful what, 'Average consumer' concept of a public lighting can be created on the ground that the expectations of the ads that consumers should keep in mind at what level. And also, 5G applications with reference to this point in the world, closely following the development of operator, Instead of giving place to the exaggerations fliers, consumers really are required to transmit the most honest way what they can get from this service as a benefit. Thus, Only in this way in the eyes of consumers 'healthy' perception will consist of a 4.5g.

Are two important parameters in the coverage and capacity of mobile communications. The number of subscribers with more high capacity pick-up service can be provided simultaneously from the network. 1 which is above GHz 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz bands are used for the overall bandwidth capacity of capacity needs met. on the other hand, each frequency band of each other of the defined block of difference, Specified in tender rules and / or block size is derived from. for example, A1, Although the size of packets A2 and A3 are identical, A1 bouquet operator to winning 800 MHz band is given the right to choose place in. In other band blocks have different frequency ranges of size. For example, C1 package 2 × 29.8 MHz bandwidth having C3 package is 2 × 10 MHz.


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