Explanation : 2017/9 Products covered by Safety and Inspection Communiqué No. 8422. Products wanted to be imported with GTIP, In brackets next to HS Code …packing only, packaging and stretch machines… and MGMB-UMGGB-2017/12, 2017/11 and 2017/14 Regarding which issues should be taken into consideration in the requests of companies to give up the tests while the audit process is continuing within the scope of Circular No..



Inspection Surveillance Center Presidency


Number : 42569461-
topic : Internal Circulars - CIRCULAR (MGMBUMGGB-2017/15)




1. CIRCULAR (MGMB-UMGGB-2017/12), CIRCULAR (MGMB UMGGB-2017/11) 2And GENERAL (Ngnb-Ungrgrb-2017/14) 3Within the framework of the third article; For products that are sampled during the inspection process in the TAREKS application and forwarded to the laboratory via BelgeNet, in case the companies make a request within the framework of the provisions of the legislation,; the relevant laboratory in order for these requests to be evaluated by the relevant import unit. Via EDMS You will be asked whether the tests are started in writing and testing of products has not started the test request sent to the laboratory by the import unit via BelgeNet laboratory canceled return to import unit will be requested. For products that have not been tested by the laboratory and whose test has been canceled, The test result form will be created by referring to the letter written by the import unit on EDMS and the application will be made to complete by uploading DocumentNet.. If the tests of the products have been started actually; The requests of the companies to withdraw from the tests will not be taken into consideration and the question asked by the import unit about whether the tests have started via EDMS., Again, it will be answered by a laboratory reply letter via EDMS and it will be notified that the tests have started.. If there has not been a request for tests by the import unit yet but the samples have been taken,; The companies' requests to withdraw from the tests will be taken into account, provided that it is confirmed that the samples have not reached the laboratory and the tests have not begun..

According to this, CIRCULAR (MGMB-UMGGB-2017/12) circular numbered, CIRCULAR (MGMB UMGGB-2017/11) Article 2 of the Circular No. (Ngnb-Ungrgrb- 2017/14) The demands of the companies to give up the tests while the inspection process continues within the scope of the 3rd article of the Circular No., It will also be considered in cases where it is appropriate in the direction described above..

2. In the letter of the Ministry of Economy registered in interest; 2017/9 No. Product Safety and Control (ÜGD) Within the scope of his notification 8422. gTip (Customs Tariff Statistics Position) of the products desired to be imported with, In brackets next to HS Code, "only packaging, It is stated that it should be subject to inspection, taking into account the expression "packaging and stretch machines"..

According to this, 8422. Located in the GTIP article name "Bottles, cans, bags or other containers to fill, closing the, A sealing or labeling machines; bottles, jars, tubes and similar containers for capsuling machines; machines for gasifying beverages " Mention beside the statement 2017/9 In the UGD Communiqué no. “Packaging only, packaging or stretch machines " Based on his statement, Products that are within the scope of the explanation in the GTIP article, such as bottle filling and bottle closing machines that are intended to be imported from the said GTIP, but are excluded from the control with the expression: Audit Results "will be finalized by.

I would ask that the need.

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