Turkey's largest export email e-meeting International Export 17 Conference, 2 Complete with activities lasting throughout the day. Customs activity is sponsored by the TV media Topkapi Double Tree Hilton hotel 31 October 1 It was held between November. National and international conferences and panels took place with close to 300 participants, discussed several issues related to export email.

Customs Logistics Panel moderated by TV founder in his e-Export of Mr. Erdem ilbeyi representing our Association. Abdulkadir Özgen and Customs Inspection Officers Association representing Mr.. Mustafa was held with the participation of Karacaoğlu light subject to the customs and export email.

Sn in said panel. Abdulkadir Özgen eCPCV, return process and made statements about rapid cargo operations. Ozgen, "Fast shipping the products to be exported with the correct HS code should be considered to take place in the export eCPCV. Both fast shipping companies need to pay attention to both e-exporting firms. "He said. HS code is incomplete and incorrect, and upon request to declare the KDV refund noting that there may be problems with the Ministry of Finance, issued as a refund of the value of products that are exported to come back until the case was underscored could benefit from the exemption. Writing correct code in the customs regime returned goods, exemption code is entered correctly, Exports of goods made to be compatible with HS codes and drew attention to the importance of etgb's associated with the import of the relevant export etgb's.

Source: Customs TV