all kinds of signal or combinations thereof comprising


3. The origin of the goods, The nature of the goods, The reputation or other characteristic that is substantially of a state based on the geographical origin of soil or in a region or neighborhood indicates that these lands geographic indicators;

4. industrial designs;

5. there are new, a step in the invented nature of qualifications counted and industrial applications with record shipments, Let the product or process, patents, allowing all kinds of inventions in all fields of technology;

6. integrated circuits

layout design (topography of):

a protected or protected layout design of integrated circuits layout design of the site hosting;

7. To protect the information from disclosure as trade secrets and other confidential business-related information.


1. this statement, By World Intellectual Property Organization

it is defined.

2. This is a general description of, customs administrations, When they apply to legislation concerning intellectual property rights, including counterfeit goods, Trade-Related Intellectual Property,enough Rights Agreement (TRIPS) it is necessary to refer.