Explanation : Ministry of Economy of the Directorate General Product Safety and Inspection 11.07.2017 75901sayıl writing and dated by Product Safety and Inspection of products subject to import controls carried out in accordance with the Communiqué will be tested if necessary, Determining the products that will be directed to testing according to a risk analysis by TAREKS, Importers and disclosure of matters that the auditor has reported via TAREKS.

Product Safety and Inspection Directorate General

Number : 24545304 – 331.01.99 -E.75901 11.07.2017

topic:Import Controls

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as known,, 2017 Product Safety and Control (ÜGD) communiqués 30/12/2016 date and 29934 (repeated) published in the Official Gazette No.. governing the CE marking control 2017/8-9-10-11-14 No. UGD products covered Papers, Foreign Trade Risk-Based Control System (Tracks) out it is subjected to product safety checks.

Although audits mainly concerned the form and sign the document control, Notification about the 'Definitions' entitled' 3 Article in "actual control" "Document control, check mark, One or more of the physical examination and laboratory test "tanımlanmıştır.tebliğ as the" Authority "in the article titled" The Communication Ministry is authorized to take measures and arrangements for the implementation of the issues listed, is located provision.

imports carried out under the supervision of the said Communiqué, Due to the increase in complaints about the incorrect documents and unsafe products on the market; 2017/8-9-10-11-14 No. Paper products inspected under UGD, It will be tested in accordance with the foregoing provisions necessary.

It will be directed to test products according to risk analysis determined by TAREKS, information will be made out to importers and supervisors TAREKS. Test fees, laboratory tests will be paid by the importer, regardless of the outcome.

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