Explanation : 1206. and 1206. S HS classified as sunflower oil seed on imports 30.6.2019 to be valid until the date 0 (zero) With customs duties 100.000 tonnes tariff quota was opened.

Number of Decisions: 1021

Attached "Oil Sunflower Seed Decision on the Implementation of the Import Tariff Quotas" in the force to be: 1567 Law No. 1 inch, 474 Law No. 2 th, 3283 Law No. 2 th, 4458 Law No. 16 th, 22 Third and 55 Article with 2976 It has been decided in accordance with the provisions of Law No..

2 May 2019


Tariff quotas

MATTER 1- (1) 14/4/2010 dated 2010/339 The Council of Ministers Decision No. Import Quota and Tariff Quotas promulgated by the Administration on the framework decision, tariff statistics position in the table below (G.T.İ.P.) names and amounts shown in quotas opened for substances against.

G.T.İ.P. Article name Amount of Tariff Quotas (Your) Customs duty rate to be applied (%) Tariff Quota Period End
1206. Others 100.000 0 30/6/2019
1206. Others

(2) tariff quotas opened by this Decision, 25/12/2018 dated 497 Decision of the President dated put into effect in Oil Sunflower Seed Import Tariff Quotas via Decision on the Implementation of import licenses to companies regulated industries, said import licenses on the date of publication of this Decision (including this date) utilization rates are allocated taking into account.

Customs duty

MATTER 2- (1) 1 customs duty shown in the table under the article to be held in the framework of tariff quotas for imports of the same substance, In the imports to be made outside its import regime for these substances identified in the framework of the decision of the customs duty applied.

Import licenses

MATTER 3- (1) Ministry of Trade for imports to be made in the framework of this Decision (General Directorate of Imports) import license is issued.

(2) declaration of release for free circulation for substances to be imported this Decision, It must have been registered within the period of validity of import licenses.

(3) Import licenses transferred to third parties.


MATTER 4- (1) With this method of distribution of the quotas determined in decision the application and user notification method and conditions are determined to be released by the Ministry of Trade.

Other legislation

(1) The decision to take matters in this place, Import Regime Decree and other related regulations apply.


(1) This Decision shall enter into force on the date of publication.


MATTER 7- (1) This Decision shall be enforced by Trade Minister.