Toothbrush on imports 3 HK year will apply additional financial obligations.

As a result of the investigation carried out and completed by the Ministry of Economy General Directorate of Import 93032100000 Toothbrushes (including insertion bead brushes)

Import of the product in Customs Tariff Statistics Position 3 (three) implementation of a safeguard measure in the form of additional financial liability for years, The World Trade Organization's Agreement on Safeguards 12.3 Consultation with the members of the World Trade Organization, who have an important interest as exporters of the goods subject to investigation, upon request., Of the Safeguard Measures Agreement 9.1 has decided unanimously of the members attending the meeting to grant exemption to developing countries and to make a proposal to the Council of Ministers regarding the acquisition of the measure..


Law of KDV 13/1 the application of Article hk.

KDV Law 13 (I) in Article 23. Chapter animal feeds and fertilizers shall not be used for agricultural purposes, provided that a petition is received from the importing company and a copy of this petition is sent to the tax office to which the taxpayer is subject to VAT, the import will be allowed within the scope of exemption..


84. Additional customs duties will be taken in Farila and led bulbs HK.

Steam boilers, central heating boilers and auxiliary devices used with these boilers, furnace burners, mechanical coal transporters, elevators and skip hoists, to elevators, Height photocell for skip elevators or escalators, Additional Customs Tax will be charged on the import of elevator guide rails and LED bulbs.


Adding HK Investment incentives in the area.

Research and reference laboratory, consumer safety and infectious diseases reference laboratory, The investments in the pharmaceutical and medical device analysis and control laboratory and the laboratory complex, which includes the laboratory animal production test and research center units, are also included in the scope of support..