Istanbul Chamber of Commerce 25. No. Customs Brokerage and Istanbul Customs Brokers Association of Professional Committee jointly organized by the "New Industrial Property Law" on clan meeting, 10 Wednesday, May ITO Eminonu Campus was held at the Assembly Hall.

In his opening speech ITO Direction. When. Mr. Treasurer Hasan's erkesim his meeting with ITO 25 No. Customs Brokers Committee and Member of Parliament Mr. Chairman Serdar Keskin Presidency did İGMD.

Meeting the speakers are located;

  • Selcuk SÜRAL: it 25 No. GM Occupation Committee Member (for Presentation CLICK HERE)
  • Ersel HIGH: Deputy Chairman of İGMD
  • Kemal YAMANKARADENİZ: it 28 No. Business Support Services Occupation Committee Councilor (for Presentation CLICK HERE)
  • Ceren TURGUT: Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute of Industrial Property Specialist (for Presentation CLICK HERE)
  • Vehbi KAHVECİ: Istanbul Bar Association on Intellectual and Industrial Rights Commission Vice Chairman. (for Presentation CLICK HERE)
  • Meric KELLECİ: T.C. Ministry of Customs and Trade Directorate General of Customs Intellectual and Industrial Property Office of Origin Expert (for Presentation CLICK HERE)
  • Ismail ONARAN: T.C. Istanbul Palace of Justice Ministry of Justice Prosecutor (for Presentation CLICK HERE)

Mr. attention in his speech that it is a very difficult concept derived Brand Ersel HIGH "Brand is the responsibility of customs in protecting the international regulation size. we should pay attention to the protection of brand value. In our part of the Customs Brokers and protection of Intellectual Property Rights are fulfilled in the best way and we will continue to bring. More sensitivity on this subject in the world increases every day. an article about the current Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Act of us, while, new draft law has to take place eight substances is a serious and important step. "he said.

Meeting in Istanbul Deputy Regional Director of Customs and Trade, Mr. Ozden Yalcin, Branch Manager, Mr. Yahya FIRM, Büyükçekmece Property Disposal Md. Mr. Rukia versatile and colleagues attended by Foreign Trade Representatives.