Additional Decision HK Import Regime Decision. (Number of Decisions: 416) (Some of the machines, additional customs duty on import of tools) (07.12.2018 t. 30618 s. R.G.)

Some of the machines, the tools (Oxygen gas generators etc., Solely or principally as spark-ignition internal combustion aluminum cylinder heads for reciprocating engines, some centrifugal pumps, Fans used in homes, Portable agricultural or horticultural sprayers, Seed, cereals, machines for sorting the dried beans or the extracted equipment; machines for the milling of cereals or legumes or processing equipment, Tree, mushrooms, bone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar hard materials with some machines for working wood, mine detectors, Some toys, scooter, water skiing, materials for making surfboards and water sports… ) The additional customs duty on imports shall be.