General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law (sequence No.: 483)'Amending the Communiqué in HK. (sequence No.: 489)

Related to the obligation to use New Generation Payment Recorders 483 amendment has been made in the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law No..


General Directorate of Free Zones 98/05 Circular No. hk.

Circular on the principles to be applied to goods entry and exit to free zones and sales of goods within the zone


General Directorate of Free Zones 2015/1 Circular No. hk. (And Valuables Logistics Services Related to Exchange Box)

Concerning the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency in free zones 32 all kinds of effective and Turkish Lira under the Decree No., precious metals and the principles and procedures for the conduct of certain logistics activities for precious stones


Some of the products the import of additional financial obligations as HK Resolution on the Additional Housing Fund Collection. – 2017/10929

1803 GTİP l of cocoa pulp, 1804 ggtip with cocoa butter and 1805 gtip lu kakao tozunun Fildişi Sahili Cumhuriyeti ve Gana Cumhuriyeti menşeli olarak A.TR Belgesi eşliğinde ithal edilmesi halinde, ek mali yükümlülük olarak ilave Toplu Konut Fonu tahsil edilir.


Some of the products HK Decision on additional financial obligations in the Import Collection. – 2017/10926

Decision additional table located the chapters and the GTP line against the goods specified in the countries of origin, which is being imported in the presence of ATR Movement Certificate as compensatory tax, It will be charged an additional financial obligations.