Explanation : ATR is being imported accompanied by a movement certificate as a compensatory tax, As reported, some products charge additional financial obligations 2017/10926 the methods and principles of Decision hk.

The Ministry of Economy:

Purpose and scope

MATTER 1 – (1) The purpose of this Communiqué, additional financial liability established community 11/9/2017 dated 2017/10926 No. enacted by the Council of Ministers of Some Products Import in the Additional Financial Liability collectibility is to regulate the methods and principles of the Decision on the.

Certificate of origin and customs procedures

MATTER 2 – (1) 2017/10926 Additional financial obligations in accordance with Council of Ministers Decision No. goods subject to the ATR Movement Certificate accompanied on imports made under the free circulation regime, said an example of the Annex to Decision indicating that the originating country except for "Exporters Statement", In the annex of the customs declaration by the importer is no additional financial obligations if it is submitted to the customs authorities.

(2) Customs declaration annexed to the customs authorities a certificate of origin or the supplier in case of submission of declarations or long-term supplier's declaration "Exporters Declaration" is not sought.

(3) Statement on the origin of goods coming within the scope of Exporters and if serious suspicion based on concrete grounds, including on-site inspection before the countries concerned regarding the authenticity of these documents can be any control and verification. However, if no exporting companies to cooperation, certificate of origin of the request may decide.

Transitional provisions

TEMPORARY TOPIC 1 – (1) This Communiqué before the date of entry into force of ATR Movement Certificate accompanied imported to our country 2 Article Authentication of the origin of the goods covered by the first paragraph does not apply to.


MATTER 3 – (1) following the publication of this Communiqué 60 Inc. enters into force the day.


MATTER 4 – (1) Provisions of this Communiqué are executed by the Minister of Economy.


Exporter Declaration

I the undersigned, .tarihl the bill .................. ...... ......... .sayıl specified in the .tanıml goods ............................ That the origin and the manufacturer of the built ..ülke ............ ............ I hereby declare that the .fir.

by request, I declare that the relevant public authorities to provide all the evidence to support this statement.

Date and Location The name of the signatory, position and signature of the company

Exporter’s Declaration

I, the undersigned, declare that the goods named as ………listed in this invoice………….. (date and number) originate in………… and produced by……. (name of the firm) in……… .(name of country)

I undertake to make available to the related public authorities any further supporting documents they require.

Place and Date Name, title and signature