Explanation : 2019/19 Having Imports of goods to the No. Electronic Identity Information About Notification, Interim Transitional Provisions have been added regarding Article.

Commerce Ministry:

MATTER 1 – 18/6/2019 dated 30805 Having Electronic Identity Information About numbered Official Gazette of Goods Import Notification (Imports: 2019/19)It is already added to the following provisional article.

"Transitional provisions

TEMPORARY TOPIC 1 – (1) 8517., 8517., 8517., 8526., 8528., 9032. Accredited Customs Tariff Statistics Position obliged by importers of goods contained in those having a vehicle type-approval certificate together with the certificate if requested to be released for free circulation, 31/12/2019 up to date (including this date) This law shall not apply. '

MATTER 2 – This Circular shall enter into force on the date of publication.

MATTER 3 – This Communiqué shall be enforced by the Commerce Minister.

It communiqué published in the Official Gazette
Historical Number
18/6/2019 30805