Explanation : Free zones / structures with transportation to the free zone customs warehouse / customs warehouse transportation business and related to the transport of goods from road transport to do the transaction is subject to special permission HK.

Customs General Directorate

Number :44873033-010.05[GGM-TR PROCEDURES]

topic :Or Free Zones
Moving Made From Warehouse

26.09.2018 / 37491629

Interest: a) 09/06/2014 dated 875524 Our letter dated

b) 03/07/2015 dated 9016663 Our letter dated

c) 26/03/2018 dated 33069177 Our letter dated

Interest (c)'Registered in our article, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure 21/03/2018 dated 22604 With reference to article No.; rail to all the free zone or customs warehouse, from the airline or sea, The nationalization rated goods in transit regime / cargo moving into the dorms 4925 No. The Road Transport Act and the Road Transport Regulations of the Ministry referred to in accordance with international or domestic transport of goods in the authorization documents (K, C, L, M, N and P type) registered vehicles with Turkish license plates, Authorization from the Ministry in the field of transport only international transport of goods abroad (C, L2 and M2 type) persons who have received certificates of vehicles registered in the making with Turkish vehicles, not in free circulation coming to our ports by sea (nationalization rated) Transport of the goods has been reported to be able to transport the foreign plate.

In some hesitations of relevant practice is said to have asked the Ministry of opinion occurred due to the re, received 24/09/2018 dated 70463 No. reply letter;

- railway in our country,, sea ​​or air, and from third countries of transit to the destination by road vehicles 4925 No. of Road Transport Law 12 Third and 13 Regulation for Road Transport of the Article 59 th and 60 It is carried out under the provisions of Article,

- free zones / warehouses and transport are made from free zones to / interested in the transportation business and operations related to the transport of goods from warehouses to be done (a)'Our registered post in the annex 05/06/2014 dated 26116 No. writing is performed in the frame,

- next to the road from the Ro-Ro or R-L from the path of the vehicle combination (semitrailers attractive + / + trailer truck) in warehouses or transported to the temporary storage of goods / cargo again as transport wheels with ingenuity, interest (a)'Our registered post in the annex 05/06/2014 dated 26116 No. writings 3 Article which should be evaluated within the framework,

- arranging transport documents as dual carriage all the free zones of our country or of goods from the warehouse / cargo, here again as bilateral transport to the foreign country if the regulation of the transport documents, bilateral and multilateral agreements on international road transport authority or the ministry said according to a special permit to transport given that it is possible to make vehicles with foreign license plates,

- arranging transport documents covered all our country transit transport of goods from the free zone or warehouse / cargo, The organized around transit transport as transport documents if required to move our country abroad with foreign-plated vehicles, The firm said should apply to the Ministry of,

it is stated.

The customs authorities on the subject of your connections urgently In one example cited additional information and sent to the Ministry 24/09/2018 dated 70463 No. information regarding the handling of substances referred to in the text and considering the need to please.

Mustafa SILVER
Ministers a.
General manager

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All the Regional Directorate of Customs and Trade

General Directorate of Road Regulation

Number :10561612-235.03-E.70463

topic :Conducted by Foreign Plate Transport Vehicles

(Customs General Directorate)

Interest :07.09.2018 dated 44873033-37046346 No. Type.

Your article has examined Interest.

As known, our country railway, sea ​​or air, and from transport to third countries by road vehicles to the destination on 4925 No. of Road Transport Law 12 Third and 13 third with agents 08.01.2018 date and 30295 Road Transport Regulation of No. 59 th and 60 Inc. agents (mülga K.T.Y. 65, 66 agents) It is carried out under.

However,, free zones / structures with transportation to the free zone customs warehouse / customs warehouse of transport for the transport of goods will be sent to your business and Ministry of operation 05.06.2014 date and 26116 No. Our letter was required to be done within the framework of.

On the other hand, Your Ministry on the subject with the participation of representatives 05.09.2018 Date of the evaluation made at the meeting, which was conducted in our ministry; Ro-Ro Ro-La from or route among the roads from in combination with the vehicle customs bonded warehouses or temporary (semitrailers attractive + / + trailer truck) Transported to warehouses goods / cargo transport case with wheels still ingenuity 05.06.2014 date and 26116 No. Our article 3 evaluated according to Article,

- In this context,, our country dual carriage arranged as transport documents All the goods from the customs free zone or warehouse / cargo from here yabancı ülkelere yine ikili taşıma olarak taşıma evraklarının düzenlenmesi halinde ikili ve çok taraflı uluslararası karayolu taşıma anlaşmalarına göre taşıma yapmaya yetkili veya Bakanlıktan özel izin belgesi verilmiş yabancı plakalı taşıtlar ile yapılması mümkün bulunmaktadır.

– Ülkemize transit taşıma kapsamında taşıma evrakları düzenlenerek tüm serbest bölgeler veya gümrük antrepolarına gelen eşyanın/kargonun yine buralardan transit taşıma olarak taşıma evraklarının düzenlenerek if desired, to move our country abroad with foreign license plates on the vehicle must apply to our Ministry of firms.

Information and stimulation of all the relevant customs offices would supply the need of points.

Mahmoud GURSES
Ministers a.
General Manager V.