Explanation : Communiqué on goods exported Registration Affiliates (Communiqué No.: Export 2006/7) Connected to registration of goods exported in the annex to Brass List (gTip: 1006) and Rye – Others (gTip:1002. It was added.

Commerce Ministry:

MATTER 1 – 6/6/2006 dated 26190 published in the Official Gazette Issue No. Communiqué on register connected Mal (Communiqué No.: Export 2006/7) Issued in the annex to the recording Affiliates Items List 33 third and 34 The following items were added to the third row.

“33- Rice (gTip: 1006)

34- Rye - Others (gTip:1002.”

MATTER 2 – This Circular shall enter into force on the date of publication.

MATTER 3 – This Communiqué shall be enforced by the Commerce Minister.