Explanation : Islamic Republic of Iran origin / destination in granite imports, measures are being investigated against nullified.

The Ministry of Economy:

Purpose and scope

MATTER 1 – (1) The purpose of this Communiqué, Ministry of Economy initiated by the ex officio examination result, Islamic Republic of Iran origin "granite" for an investigation to be rendered ineffective against the measures regarding the import and the investigation is to determine the rules and procedures.


MATTER 2 – (1) this Communiqué, 14/6/1989 dated 3577 No. Law on Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports, 20/10/1999 dated 99/13482 numbered Ministerial Decision on Prevention of Unfair Competition in Importation and put into effect by the Council 30/10/1999 dated 23861 No. In Import published in the Official Gazette on Prevention of Unfair Competition Regulation It was prepared based.


MATTER 3 – (1) This communiqué last;

a) Ministry: The Ministry of Economy,

b) headquarters: The Ministry Directorate General for Imports,

c) G.T.P: Customs tariff position,

ç) Law: 3577 No. The Law on Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports,

d) Decision: 20/10/1999 dated 99/13482 No. of Ministers Decision on Prevention of Unfair Competition in Importation enacted by the Council,

e) Regulations: Regulations on Prevention of Unfair Competition in Importation,

f) İran: Iran Cumhuriyeti'ni,

g) CHC: People's Republic of China,


Products subject to investigation

MATTER 4 – (1) Products subject to investigation, On the Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports 2012/14 and 2016/4 Dumping measures applied against the current with the Communiqué on imports 6802.23 and 6802.93 defined in g.t.p.s "granite" lerdir.

(2) At this stage, tariffs specified positions are given for information purposes, It is not binding.

Application and current situation

MATTER 5 – (1) 14/9/2006 dated 26289 Imports published in the Official Gazette numbered Communiqué on the Prevention of Unfair Competition (Communiqué No.: 2006/25) originating in the PRC 6802.23 and 6802.93 g.t.p.'s defined in the anti-dumping on imports of granite 90 USD / ton level, definitive measures were enacted. 10/7/2012 dated 28349 Imports published in the Official Gazette numbered Communiqué on the Prevention of Unfair Competition (Communiqué No.: 2012/14) After completion of the final review of the aforementioned measures under investigation imports of the subject goods in 174 USD / Ton amount is given in the implementation of decisions. on the other hand, 17/2/2016 dated 29627 Imports published in the Official Gazette numbered Communiqué on the Prevention of Unfair Competition (Communiqué No.: 2016/4) ile de; the said measures, Vietnamese origin / destination of the goods, Resident in the country for the aforementioned two companies 0 As long as you apply, It was extended.

(2) Forwarded to the Ministry, measures originating in countries subject to anti-dumping measures on imports of granite claims that imports from Iran were rendered ineffective by a review has been initiated ex officio by the Ministry on.

(3) rendered ineffective measures mentioned allegations and findings of law, The decision and regulation are evaluated in the framework of.

Findings regarding neutralizing the measures

MATTER 6 – (1) Subject to investigation on imports of goods originating in the PRC, the anti-dumping measures 2006 The year started to be implemented in, 2012 In it was decided to continue these measures in different ratios. on the other hand, 2012 In the PRC implemented measures for the import granite, 2016 In said article of Vietnamese origin / destination of the importation of which has been extended. As a result of the examination of statistics on the granite imports, The imports from Iran 2010 remarkably shown an increase since the year. In this context,, On the basis of the amount of import of Iranian origin granite 2010 By the year 636 Of tons 2016 in the year 18.340 Tons of levels to rise %2.783,6 ratio increased.

(2) 2010 year in the amount of Iranian origin on the basis of the share of imports in our total imports granite %0,24 while 2016 5.99% of such share for year, 2017 As of the first nine months of the year it rose to 10.7%.

(3) 2010 with 2016 between the years, The unit price of imports originating in Iran is seen to significantly decreased. In this context, 2010-2016 Said unit price per tonne imported goods between the years 520 The US Dollar 290 The US dollar has declined.

(4) On the other hand, In our country exporting goods subject to measures for imports from the country in question has been identified firms, examination of the list of countries exporting firm forwarded to the Commercial Counselor resident said the firms are seeking information about their commercial activities and they are not the manufacturer is. In this context,, Goods subject to the measures üretmeyip, said goods only through firms engage with trade, The product has been suspicion that these measures rendered ineffective over Iran.

Decisions and actions

MATTER 7 – (1) After application of the aforementioned studies made as a result of Iranian origin / destination of Unfair Competition in Imports Evaluation Board for the said goods, Regulation 38 Article measures under the decision of the investigation are given against nullified.

(2) Investigation, It will be conducted by the General Directorate.

The investigation period

MATTER 8 – (1) 1/1/2015 with 1/11/2017 It is designated as the period between the dates investigation.

Questionnaires and information collection

MATTER 9 – (1) In order to provide the information necessary for the investigation, The article said the known importers and known within the scope of the investigation foreign producers / exporters to the notice of the opening of the investigation and the notification referred to in the annex will be sent questionnaire. Notice receiving side of the questionnaire from the relevant section in the Ministry web page downloads is possible.

(2) on the other hand, communicated to the relevant manufacturers and exporters to facilitate and to expedite, It will also be sent a questionnaire to the Iranian embassy in Ankara.

(3) Turkish oral and written communication relating to the investigation will be made. questionnaire and the answers to the related parties other than information that answers all, Belgian, They must submit in writing their views and demands Turkish.


MATTER 10 – (1) time to answer the questionnaire, including the period from the date of mailing of the notice of the investigation sent 37 day. 9 indicated in by Article, notification and the parties concerned are not sent questionnaires, Notification of this will accrue from the date of publication 37 They are connected by days.

(2) The questionnaire except the desired information, Other information considered relevant to the investigation, In order to consider the documents and opinions, said information, documents and opinions, the latest from the date of publication of this Notification 37 Headquarters during the day must be delivered in writing.

(3) It may be affected by the results of the investigation claiming other interested parties, (domestic producers, importers, relevant professional organizations, consumer associations, workers or employers, unions and the like in the production branch) all kinds of information and documents with their opinions on the subject from the date of publication of this communique 37 days must inform in writing to the Directorate General.

Failure to come to Cooperation

MATTER 11 – (1) Regulation 26 As it stated in the Article nc, Failure to provide the necessary information within the specified time from one side or false information or decisions relating to the investigation or inquiry into the understanding that prevent the refusal of information, positive or negative, It will be compared to current data.

Provisional measures to be taken, retrospective application of taxes

MATTER 12 – (1) under provisions of the decision, It may decide to apply provisional measures during the investigation and precisely measures applicable retroactively.

(2) The concept is no exception and has begun operations in the implementation of measures.

And address of the competent authority

MATTER 13 – (1) Inquire with the relevant information and should be forwarded to the competent authority of opinion with the following documents:

Ministry of Economy

General Directorate of Imports

Import Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Department

Söğütözü Mah. 2176. Sk. No:63 06530 Çankaya / ANKARA

Tel: +90 (312) 204 99 53

Fax: +90 (312) 204 86 33

e-mail: oek836@ekonomi.gov.tr

The investigation start date

MATTER 14 – (1) Investigation, This is considered to have started on the publication Communiqué.


MATTER 15 – (1) This Circular shall enter into force on the date of publication.


MATTER 16 – (1) Provisions of this Communiqué are executed by the Minister of Economy.