Explanation : 31.12.2019 Transactions to be Carried Out by YGMs whose Authority Will Expire as of Date hk.

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Number : 82858591-161.02.99
topic : 31.12.2019 Authorities as of the Date YGM Trading will be Carried Out by End


As it is known, the customs regulation titled “Qualifications and authorization certificate that the authorized customs broker should have” 576 Article of the first section (g) in subparagraph “Law that provides at least four years of undergraduate education, economy, political Sciences, operating, To be graduated from faculties of economics and administrative sciences and one of the domestic or foreign education institutions whose equivalence is accepted by the competent authorities, or to have a postgraduate diploma from the branches specified in this paragraph although graduated from other educational institutions at the undergraduate level ”; (ğ) in subparagraph “Not to be over the age of sixty five” (07.10.2016 dated 29850 Official Gazette) The Article.

In the first paragraph of the provisional article 13 of the Customs Regulation “Before this Regulation comes into force, it has a certificate of authorization., the first paragraph of Article 576 of this Regulation (g) and (ğ) Authorization documents of authorized customs consultants who do not meet the qualification of graduation and age from the qualifications specified in 31/12/2019 valid until. ” it is called.

In this regard, powers of authorized customs consultants who do not meet the requirements for graduation and age 31.12.2019 will expire on and will be prevented from processing by the system. The authorization documents of the authorized customs consultants whose authorizations have expired and all contracts made by these authorized customs consultants will expire on this date.. In this context,, 31.12.2019 Since it is not possible to perform a proxy transaction by the authorized customs broker as of or as a proxy, new fixing contracts should be made until this date to ensure that there are no problems with the entrance and exit of the warehouses..

On the other hand, With AN6 and AN8 detection reports 2019/2 Census and determinations regarding AN7 determination reports pertaining to the latest 31.12.2019 must be completed on. AN6, AN7, AN8 detection reports, if any, along with other detection reports 10.01.2020-31.01.2020 It will be possible to present it to the customs administration between YGMS between the dates of, and additional time will not be given for transactions not completed between these dates..

In this regard, I kindly request the information and the requirement to make the necessary announcement to the bonded warehouses and authorized customs brokers connected to your Regional Directorate..

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