Explanation : The letter of Uludag Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Directorate regarding the issues to be considered in reconciliation applications and its annex user guide.

Uludağ Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Directorate

Number : 72232900-155.99

topic : Compromise Application Procedure

05/12/2019 / 50087331

As it is known, the reconciliation applications made to our Regional Directorate 20.03.2018 From the date of our Ministry's website (“https://uygulama.gtb.gov.tr/uzlasmatalepFrom ") are made. A copy of the Reconciliation Application Screen User Guide is sent in the attachment..

On the other hand, In the reconciliation applications made to our Regional Directorate, it is necessary to take action according to the following points..

  • Customs Reconciliation Regulation 10/1 Application to be made in accordance with Article, of the said Regulation 11/1 Within the scope of the article, the reconciliation request form and its attachments, which are filled out and printed out on the web, are sent to our Regional Directorate. Since the date on which it is registered or sent to the registered mail will be taken as basis. Transferring the output to be taken absolutely to our Regional Directorate,
  • Failure to combine receivables that do not have the same quality in a single application form, making separate applications according to the qualifications of the additional accrual / penalty decisions subject to the application,
  • 01.08.2019 dated 46527148 As we mentioned in our article no. 12 To request for reconciliation within the scope of Article n and / or 15 In order for the customs broker, who is authorized to participate in the negotiation on behalf of the obliged party and sign the minutes, within the scope of the article. Request for reconciliation within the scope of Customs Reconciliation Regulation, join the compromise, To submit an offer to the Commission, To accept the commission offer, sign the settlement minutes vb. issuing a power of attorney containing statements and that the said power of attorney is valid as of the application date and / or the date of the meeting, and the given power of attorney is given on behalf of the consultant, not the company,

in matters of,

With the information and necessity, by posting this letter on the bulletin board of your Association As of the new year, regarding compliance with the above mentioned points I strongly request that the necessary announcement be made to the companies..

email is signed
Mehmet KÖSE
Regional Manager a.
Deputy Regional Director

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